Moth Priest Attack Glitch Fixes (Minor Spoilers)

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  3. Moth Priest Attack Glitch Fixes (Minor Spoilers)

User Info: ShadowKnight564

5 years ago#1
Doing the dawnguard storyline (not sure if you have to find him on the VL one or not, as I have not gone down the road yet.) you must find a moth priest. Once you rescue you him and exit his cave like prison, he has the tendency to attack you, Serana, and all of the Dawnguard on sight.

This is kinda of a pain in the ass, as he goes through this loop of "This person is busy" and stops you from completing the quest. Luckily I've discovered two fixes.

One is repeatedly hitting the A button while standing above him, he eventually gets up and talks allowing you to complete the quest. Not sure who found that fix, but credit to whoever did.

Sadly the above fix is not 100% effective as sometimes he just never gets up.

Now the next fix only works if you are a handy magic user. If you are an expert in illusion and have the following perks (or have high illusion at a low level, hope you do so you can save some perks here):
Illusion duel casting
Novice Illusion
Hypnotic Gaze
Kindrred Mage
Apprentice, Adept, and Expert Illusions (These can be skipped if you have a high enough amount of Magika. I dont have a mage character so I didn't come close to enough to duel cast Pacify)

This will bring your Pacify spell to the point its strong enough to stop Dexion's endless attacks. Sadly I was level 81 which made Dexion an extremely high level and hard to cast pacify on. Since Pacify is for level 20 and under, but with those perks backing it up, he was calmed and the quest completed.

I'm currently looking into less costly means of resolving this problem. Wasn't happy spending so many perks in illusion.
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User Info: meancode

5 years ago#2
I did not know of a cure for this major annoyance. I read you can re-load and save him without Serana, but heck if I am going to re-do hours upon hours of play for that.

Why don't you just beat the snot out of him? He cannot die. This is what I did. Once he has been incapacitated, you can talk to him and continue on the quests.

This was a very, very stupid and annoying glitch they let pass QA, and I do not see how they would have missed it, as Serana is of course with you when you take on the quest to save him!

User Info: Derzer

5 years ago#3
Just use Vampire Seduction on the moth priest if you are a vampire you must progress to stage 2 to have that power then use it on him and bite him to make him your thrall then command him to go to castle volkihar

User Info: ssjmatthew

5 years ago#4
Yeah I was told to make him a thrall as soon as I found him, I assumed thats what you were supposed to do, he wouldnt even follow me until I did that.
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User Info: garcia_jx

5 years ago#5
well, I am at fort dawnguard and I can't seem to talk to him. I tried everything. I don't think I have any old saves prior to him attacking everything. If i do, i don't think I want to do all the radiant quest all over again.
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  3. Moth Priest Attack Glitch Fixes (Minor Spoilers)

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