Best place to get vampire and werewolf perks?

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  3. Best place to get vampire and werewolf perks?

User Info: kwarantine

5 years ago#1
What's the best way to get both of them? Should I just go find random caves and kill people, or should I go in town and go on a rampage? Also, how many kills do you need for each to get all of them?
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User Info: Unsungone

5 years ago#2
Only go to town if you don't mind murdering people you do business with.

Imperial/Stormcloak camps make good buffets. If you get the werewolf perk where you can feed on anything leveling becomes stupid easy.
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User Info: metatrongrhm1

5 years ago#3
A question from myself:
Do you level up VL form by feeding on people who're awake while an ordinary vampire?

User Info: Likwidlyric12

5 years ago#4
I went to the towns and just killed the guards since they respawn anyway.
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User Info: ItamuM

5 years ago#5
I went from one of the camps (stormcloak/imperial) west of solitude all the way south then east to riften avoiding all major towns and only going to camps/forts of opposing faction, killing all animals, bandits, forsworn, and opposing faction npcs and managed to get my lycan all the way to her last perk just on the over world map. so I'd say walking from destination to destination is an excellent way to level your perks up.
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  3. Best place to get vampire and werewolf perks?

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