Vampire Lord Armor

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User Info: JordanB500

5 years ago#1
has anyone heard of it or where to find it im not talking about
Vampire Armor or Vampire Royal Armor
if you go to
you will see a "Vampire Lord Armor" with an id of (xx011a84) ive searched the soul cairn, the castle Volkihar the castle Volkihar couryard as well as Valerica's Study and i have yet to find it if anyone knows anything please reply and thx
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User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#2
Vampire Lord Armor is what the VL transformation uses to add a small bit of Armor Raiting
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User Info: kingnahum17

5 years ago#3
You can get vla in the castle. It is near a dragon priest dagger in a case that you should come by when your trying to find seranos mother. If it's not by it its in one of the dress or near the vl's room. Give you +125% magic regen
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User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#4
that is Royal Vampire Armor

Vampire Lord Armor is a un-enchanted version of the Royal Vampire Armor but it has no appearance when worn, and is not dropped in the game
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