What Do You Expect From Next Generation ES Games?

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  3. What Do You Expect From Next Generation ES Games?

User Info: vegeta2002

5 years ago#1
I was playing Sonja Redd (my ice queen Nord, vampire lord, spellsword) and doing one of the vampire missions where you have to sire new vampire lords. I find my target, infect them and before disappearing into the shadows, decide to see how far the vampire game scripting goes...

I come back a few days later, break into the targets home and find that he already has his own coffin. I decide to sleep there and wait for him to come home... When he doesn't, I proceed to trash his house, sprinkle human flesh all over the place and leave.

I think you can have one conversation with your vampire spawn in Skyrim and that's it. Wouldn't it be cool if you could actually become involved with their lives or if they actually reacted to coming home and finding human body parts littering their doorstep? I wanted to be a Lestat type of dirtbag... :(.

That's the kind of interaction I expect to eventually be in the games. Already I predict that next gen open world rpgs are going to copy (or out do) the combat mechanics in the fun but flawed Dragon's Dogma. Can you imagine if the next ES game let you climb monsters as you fought them?

Now that everyone has a new combat engine to copy, what other gameplay improvements ( aside from gfx, ui, and glitches) have to be in the next ES for you not to be disappointed?

User Info: Rgreen010

5 years ago#2
Well considering the new Unreal Engine developed there should have much more capabilities of multiple scripting, even having more npc's at one time, more realistic fires, and more detailed world destruction. Judging by the advancements between xbox and xbox 360, the next xbox will definately have more capabilities. I am very excited what we will see from the next elder scrolls.
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard
  3. What Do You Expect From Next Generation ES Games?

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