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User Info: Jusey01

4 years ago#1
I hope I don't get into much trouble for this but I really need help badly...

I kinda lost Auriel's Shield by not picking it up.. Didn't knew it was there! So my main character does no have this Shield and I want it badly on him since it is a Classic Artifact from Arena.. I, however, do not wish to restart cause this is my main character.. Level 81, all places found, etc.. Too much of a pain to restart.. So I wish some help on editing my Xbox Save to add the shield to my inventory.. Can anyone help me?

Also, this is a good chance of me doing a few more things as well.. Like adding the Ancient Falmer Crown to finish my outfit.. Any help on that would be grateful.

Other things I wish to do.. Get Shadowmere back. What happened is I summoned that skeleton horse while in the Dawnguard Fort to explore around the area.. After riding that horse, Shadowmere totally vanished.. I cannot find her no where. Checked every single stable, both DBH places, and all around the Dawnguard areas.. I did not found her anywhere.. So any help of figuring where she is in my game OR to add another copy of her would be nice.

I also wish to remove some powers.. Awhile ago, I did had someone at Bethesda Forums edit my save but he added too many powers that I do not want.. Glitched Polymorph Skeever, Vampire Powers, etc to name a few. I wish to remove them. I also wish to remove two quest items that are currently stuck in my inventory OR at least put them in a container in my house just in case I may need them later on....

So.. Can anyone help me out? Or am I going to get yell at and into trouble on these forums for requesting help?

User Info: BluesSoul617

4 years ago#2
There's a way to transfer your Xbox save to PC. Then you can proceed to inputting console commands. You'll need a USB.

If you can't do it for yourself, you can always request it on this forum: www.game-tuts.com

Of course, you must go to the proper section and sub forum to do so and you may need to register an account to communicate with the users there.
Blues Soul 617

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