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User Info: Imraina

4 years ago#1
I've just beat the world 2 boss and honestly, I am enjoying the game quite a bit. It's got gorgeous graphics, fantastic music and it's a nice balance between an action platformer and a puzzle platformer. I did not expect it to get quite so difficult, though, some sections can be SMB-level difficulty, lol. Or maybe I just suck.

So, it's a fun platformer, it's not too expensive (less than 10$), I know it just came out but honestly, I'm surprised there's so little activity here. Is no one playing Fly'N?

User Info: Aigreo

4 years ago#2
Sure, this is an amazing looking game- that I'll likely pick up after a bit of research- but there's not going to be much discussion for another Indie PC platformer outside of the Steam Forums.

User Info: Raiu

4 years ago#3
Maybe back in 2006 Ankama was indie, but they're huge now. (Granted, about 99% of their popularity is in their home country of France, but they run the most popular MMO in France, as well as being a magazine and comic publisher, a TV station owner, and an animation studio)

Of course, since this isn't a French site, it might as well be indie.
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