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User Info: gorays21

5 years ago#1
Top-10-RTS-Games-of-All-Time list by RTS gure:

User Info: Atreides825

5 years ago#2
Starcraft II does not belong on that list. It has done nothing to advance the genre in any significant fashion. It's not a terrible game, not at all in fact, but it does not belong on a top ten list, let alone in the fourth position. Starcraft Brood Wars, however, is properly placed.

Dawn of War ought to have taken number four, and yes, I mean the first game, not the sequel. While the sequel, DoW2, is a good game, it was not nearly as genre-changing as the original.

Still, they managed to partially redeem themselves by putting CoH at the top of the list.
"We're the Imperial fething Guard and it's our lot in life to be fethed."
- Major Rawne, Tanith First-and-Only

User Info: lalala_la

5 years ago#3
Oh wow, they put COH above Brood War? That's bound to attract some hate.

And kinda weird how they put up a screen of Homeworld 2 when they were discussing the original Homeworld.

User Info: MlREFOX

5 years ago#4
I think the list is pretty good.

Two games that i thought should be represented, however, are Rise of Nations and sins of a Solar Empire. They weren't even in the honorable mentions.
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