Ordered collector's edition from Target...

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User Info: DOAsaturn

5 years ago#11
Looks like my pending order was canceled, so yeah, Target apparently never did get these in. Dang...looks like I might have to over pay or seek out a long distance Gamestop...

User Info: Savant78

5 years ago#12
The same thing happened to me, I ordered the collector's edition from Target, was given a confirmation number, and now they're saying that my "shipment has been delayed" and I'll be receiving my order on or around 1/10/13...I suspect I won't be getting it at all.

User Info: Ruki_chan

5 years ago#13
Yeah, same thing happened to me. This really freaking sucks. Does anyone know of where one might buy the collector's edition online for the ORIGINAL price? All I'm seeing are $80 + for it now. :(

User Info: KingDarian

5 years ago#14
It seems to be available through DeepDiscount for $44.01, which is the most reasonable I've found online. It includes free shipping.


User Info: Aoshi_Knives

5 years ago#15
Price is good but deepdiscout seems to have a terrible rating. Don't think I want to risk it.

They also have an F rating with BBB. Not sure if anyone has orderd from there and has had luck but with this information I will pass.

User Info: KingDarian

5 years ago#16
Oh, it looks like they aren't the company they used to be. I used them extensively a few years ago when they had amazing prices, and equally amazing service. Reading some recent reviews, it seems they've changed. Oh, well.

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