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User Info: Riku___

4 years ago#1
Do you ever find out why the Ice King stole their garbage?
It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.

User Info: ChiefDamonGant

4 years ago#2
You'll just have to play the game and find out!
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User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#3
Pretty sure it's mentioned in the theme song.
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User Info: ChiefDamonGant

4 years ago#4
The song's lyrics have the singers guessing it was to build a girlfriend, but they then deny it as crazy talk. They don't say what his goal was.
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User Info: DJB0X3R

4 years ago#5
He wanted to be friends and hang with Finn and Jake.. It is what he wanted when he froze them while they slept and hung out with them and then got frozen himself because of Gunter's antics. The Ice King is "complicated". Also to answer any questions about the flame sword- it is shown in the episode "Web Weirdos".

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