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User Info: Marrow13

4 years ago#1
So I just beat the game 100% on both normal and new game+, and I can say overall I enjoyed the experience although it is a short one.

I have two main complaints:

1. The obvious one is that the game is too short and easy. The item system is fun and interesting but it is like it was made for a harder game, longer game. The enemies on the world map are easy enough to avoid without needing two separate items to hide you from them. With all the damage upgrades you don't need the 4 or 5 weapon enhancement upgrade items. Finally with plethora of drops by enemies and ways to full heal yourself there doesn't need to be a semi-complicated recipe system for HP items. I, and I'm sure many other people, found themselves hording several Demon Eyes, Bombas, TT's Apple Pies, and other powerful items by the end of the game.

They should have made the game a bit more robust and added more worlds like the desert, expanded fire kingdom, nightosphere, and the city of thieves just to name a few.

2. My second point extends from the previous point. Adventure Time is a simple show with a complex backstory and under tones. However this game only involved the simple outer coating. A video game nowadays truly creates an opportunity to explore and add on to the lore of a franchise. Mario RPGs do this a lot in any of them that don't involve Bowser as the main villain. I suppose being the first game it's alright that the story was random of throwaway with the Ice King as the main villain, but I hope for the next one they make an original villain or have someone like the Lich be the main villain. Ya know explore the Mushroom War or explore Marceline's history or something.

If the creators wanted to they could make a game become a really important piece to help explore the lore of Adventure Time. After playing the demo for this game I wasn't expecting this game to do that which makes me sad, but hopefully its something they will attempt in the next game. Perhaps after the series is over.
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User Info: eds41591

4 years ago#2
I'll agree with you that the game was really short. I got stumped at first not knowing what to do with the flea pie, but after I realized the whole game was essentially a Zelda-esque trade quest, I breezed right through it, beating it pretty quickly.

I feel like the game had a nonsensical story for two reasons, though:

First, not everyone that watches Adventure Time owns a DS or a 3DS. Yes, they could have explored the lore through the games, and that would've been a great treat for fans of the show, but from that point on, anyone that didn't play the game might be missing or misinterpreting events in the show, if the game lore was significant.

Second, I really feel like they were testing the waters with this game, to see if the reception is as good for this as it is for the show. If they make a sequel, and I hope they do, they'll likely make a larger, more in depth adventure.

With how much the game has been received, they probably will improve the sequel in every way, so here's hoping.
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