This game relies too much on cover.

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  3. This game relies too much on cover.

User Info: bloodshutt

4 years ago#1
I just watched the gameplay trailer on YouTube and I can say that the addition of cover is a good thing but it seems that since this game is a stealth game, it relies too much on cover that it MAY make this game too easy and uh, too un-cinematic, if there is such a word. =D
For example, there was this one part where you stay on cover while you let your powers lift the enemy off its feet and choke him in-air. Now where's the fun in that? Then in the first trailer, you can see the protagonist teleport one place to another while moving towards the enemy to avoid gunfire. Now that's cool. But in the gameplay trailer, it seems your teleport uses a weapon wheel and you need to point out where you teleport. Now if that's the case, dodging gunfire using teleport may be too clunky and its only use may be to move from cover to cover easily. Now, if there is teleport from cover to cover, ghosting the level might be a better option than taking out enemies and staying hidden. Also, it seems that cover MIGHT be the only thing that conceals you. I don't see hiding in darkness, clinging to ceilings, blending in walls, that kind of stuff. Well, I guess it's too early to say thing about this game, but that's just my opinion from what I've seen so far.
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User Info: Supernautus

4 years ago#2
The teleport ability seems pretty similar to the Dishonored teleport ability

User Info: lVlAtlZiX

4 years ago#3
This entire game seems similar to Blood Omen 2 to me.....
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  3. This game relies too much on cover.

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