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User Info: Carpetfluff

5 years ago#11
There's a clue to that window; the little x on the flag on his indoor putting machine.

User Info: TreyScott

5 years ago#12
U have to do all other challenges before he shows up
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User Info: mjhbomb

5 years ago#13
he appeared for me after I had done all other challenges. Keep at it :D
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User Info: Brokaliv

5 years ago#15
lol ^ Thats funny
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User Info: Airborne6176

5 years ago#16
Has anyone been able to have Mr. X show up a second time (or more) AFTER you've found him the first time? I'm trying to do so WITHOUT starting a new save file. I've completed all challenges again in one match (except the mines), but no repeat show & go by Mr. X. Any help would be great. THX!
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User Info: An0therBK

5 years ago#17
My only challenge left is cracked eggs. I had 1 guy left and somehow he was alerted and ran. I took a shot while he was running, but missed. I will get it next time I try. Then after all challenges are done, I will work on getting a high score.
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