Help: Clay or Master Alchemist ???

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  3. Help: Clay or Master Alchemist ???

User Info: Avocadobobo

5 years ago#1
My current deck is 4 clays + 1 master sam
Once I get my dark general I will have enough hp to build another atk card, so should I build another 4-6 clay or 4-6 master alchemist?

Btw, how did you guys do in the war? :)
IGN avocadobobo

User Info: TheDarxHero

5 years ago#2
Go for another Clay. a Clay deck sounds awesome lol.
I ranked indiv at 9000something. orderranking 200something with 28wins.
Mugen Punch!

User Info: Avocadobobo

5 years ago#3
28 wins wow. my order is 200ish but only 24 wins so close :(
I landed ind at 1200 but the reward still sucks T_T
IGN avocadobobo

User Info: Jayelx

5 years ago#4
I have em both for sale 4-5 clay atk 17407 skill 6 and 4-7 20k atk ma.
IGN PoppaBlaze

User Info: FyeKay

5 years ago#5
Master Alchemist if you can afford the skill ups

User Info: Ssujin

5 years ago#6
I have a 4-6 clay for sale~

Individual ranked 4000 something
Order ranked 135-146 with 48 wins.

Also planning on selling dark general once i get it!

User Info: zoolerinski

5 years ago#7
Master alchemist.

User Info: tomahwk78

5 years ago#8
I say clay. Master alchemist only boosts against one def clay boosts against all with its attack
Ign tomahwk781
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  3. Help: Clay or Master Alchemist ???

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