played this at NYCC and nintendo world this weekend

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User Info: Triforce133

4 years ago#1
at comic-con i played as rayman and my friend did the touchscreen stuff. i used the pro controller and it felt really good. (hold trigger for sprint. a or b was jump, x or y was attack). using and a and x felt great but im slightly worried for other games cause b and y were just a bit of a reach (took some getting used to for zombi u-but enought about that)

I played single player with the gamepad at the nintendo world store. and for the first part of the level i controlled rayman while the computer did some of the touch screen stuff and it was really fun and the gamepad feels great. but really quickly the game forced me to be murphy after i freed him.i didn't finish the demo cause i didn't really feel like being murphy while the computer was rayman. I should have kept playing to see how long it made me do that though. i hope its not like that in the final game.

i also hope in co-op no one has to be murphy. i want me and my friend to both be able to do the platformer like in origins.

anyway yeah idk if that gave insight to anything but there ya go.
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User Info: The_Shadow_Link

4 years ago#2
If it's the demo I think it is (one where you play through the castle level and finishes with the land of the livid dead music stage) the demo is designed to be played with the gamepad to showcase the Murphy features. The final version will have the option of Murphy or No Murphy.
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User Info: PurestProdigy

4 years ago#3
Played a little of the demo at a wii u kiosk at gamestop. Co-op works smoothly for anyone interested. And the murphy segments flow nicely into the game.

No longer worried at all, d1p
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  3. played this at NYCC and nintendo world this weekend

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