I played this at Gamestop the other day

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User Info: vchu8

4 years ago#1
Game feels just as good, if not better, than Origins in terms of the controls. Visually, it is AMAZING. I know that seems obvious, but it's something you have to see in person. What we have online doesn't really do it justice, imo. I do have a couple of complaints though.

When we see what's happening on the gamepad (that is, when controlling Murphy), the colors weren't as vibrant as the TV and the visuals weren't quite as crisp. You could probably chalk that up to the controller not being in HD, but at the same time I think that Ubisoft hasn't fully got a grasp on displaying the image. It seems with a little tweaking and optimizing they can get a lovely game out. In any case, if you were playing this exclusively on the Gamepad, and didn't have the TV to compare with, you'd likely wouldn't notice. It's mostly a subtle difference.

Murphy...wasn't very fun. He's entirely functional, controls well...it just isn't very entertaining. The pace was slower than the rest of the game, and I didn't feel very engaged. Thankfully, Murphy is optional, but this aspect of the game doesn't feel fully fleshed out...I just don't think you can really use the Gamepad in a 2D platformer without building the game around it.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to picking it up. Aside from the Murphy thing, this looks like it'll be the Wii U's best. I'll have Mario to play until then.

User Info: thealmightydib

4 years ago#2
I played the demo at gamestop and couldnt figure out how to get murphy lol
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User Info: vchu8

4 years ago#3
thealmightydib posted...
I played the demo at gamestop and couldnt figure out how to get murphy lol

When it tells you to get Murphy out, you just tap on the touchscreen iirc.

User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#4
I somewhat just came back from a two hour walk to the only GameStop that I know has a Wii U demo station and tried it out some more after barely trying it last night.

So the Murphy sections are optional? Because I'm a little worried about this game after playing the demo; especially after Castle Rock. I think it gave me motion sickness...
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User Info: -Jester-Masque-

4 years ago#5
I've spent quite a lot of time with the demo.

First, my girlfriend and I went to Future Shop because she wanted to pre-order The Dark Knight Rises. I played through both demo levels multiple times (taking turns with the Gamepad and the Wii Remote & Nunchuck combo).

Then, I played it at Best Buy since we were at the nearby mall.

Finally, today, we were at Gamestop and played it a little more.

And I'm really, really excited to play the full game. The visuals are (somehow) even better than Rayman Origins', and the platforming controls are slightly better (you no longer stop when you do a mid-air running kick).

My favorite genre is, by far, platforming games. That said, I think I had even more fun playing with Murphy while my girlfriend played as Rayman. There seemed like there was almost always something to do with the touch screen. And the challenges of coordinating with your team-mate are unlike anything I've experienced in a game before. I'm referring to things like the bonus room where the Murphy player has to rotate a maze of spikes for the other player to get through safely, the latter half of the first demo level with all of the fire enemies and platforms that need to be moved around, and of course, the music level in its entirety. It's going to be a lot of fun trying to get a gold medal (or whatever the equivalent is in Legends) in these levels with a second player.

I wonder if there will be a separate achievement for playing through with Murphy since you can effectively earn double the score that you could get otherwise.

User Info: foochew

4 years ago#6
Its kinda hard to compare the picture quality of a 2000 dollar HD tv with the wii U gamepad. The picture will never look better or as good on the gamepad compared to the tv, otherwise the gamepad will cost $500 or more .
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