Whoa...Is this game a WiiU exclusive?

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  3. Whoa...Is this game a WiiU exclusive?

User Info: GirTheRobot

4 years ago#1
Didn't it used to be coming out on the PS3/360/etc?

Now I may have an actual reason to buy the WiiU...I mean, this and Bayonetta 2 as exclusives is pretty intense. And of course all the first party Nintendo titles that will be coming out.

User Info: Model_SX29

4 years ago#2
GirTheRobot posted...
Didn't it used to be coming out on the PS3/360/etc?

I've stopped caring about a lot of things. But not Sonic. Never Sonic. :P

User Info: Schwepps01

4 years ago#3
Didn't Origins do bad enough on all three consoles? Why put the new game on one console? Ditto for Bayonetta. Both of these games will tank miserably. Oh well.

User Info: GirTheRobot

4 years ago#4
Actually neither MS nor Sony wanted to support Bayonetta, so P*'s only choice if they wanted a sequel was with Nintendo, as they were willing to back it.

As for putting Legends on just one console, idk. But it makes me want to buy a WiiU.

User Info: SD_Riot

4 years ago#5
Probably will come over to other consoles eventually.

User Info: mojack411

4 years ago#6
It might come to other platforms but it'll lose a lot of the features the game has, such as Platform Hero and practically all the stages that involve the little green guy, since the GamePad is so integrated to the game. You could theoretically do the same with PS3/Vita crossplay and MS Smartglass but that would be costly and not many gamers would be able to do that.
Whoever said nothing is impossible obviously never tried slamming a revolving door.

User Info: minjonator1234

4 years ago#7
mojack411 posted...
the little green guy

Murphy's his name.
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User Info: sloth927

4 years ago#8
ya its just for the u and it really looks amazing from the videos/demos ive seen so far.
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  3. Whoa...Is this game a WiiU exclusive?

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