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User Info: VirusChris

3 years ago#1
I've kinda notice that sometimes the characters will slide down the slopes at high speed and I sometimes do it but I have NO idea how to do it as I press the down d-pad and attack but it doesn't work at times.

There seems to be other tricks like rolling as well which I haven't grasped yet.

How do I perform those Sliding motion, especially on slopes? I like the sense of speed it gives.
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User Info: IggyKoopa1224

3 years ago#2
Sliding is performed by running and then pressing down on the d-pad or control stick. The rolling attack can be a bit complicated. You have to hold down on the d-pad or stick while falling and moving, and when Rayman hits the ground, he will do a small tumbling motion. As he does this, hold the attack button as well as down on the d-pad or stick to do a rolling attack. Hopefully that answered your questions :)
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