Least favourite Double Fine game.

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User Info: GooBacksBack

4 years ago#1
The game is still pretty good though,

User Info: Resident Weevil

Resident Weevil
4 years ago#2
My least favorite Double Fine game is Stacking.
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User Info: Foxravencroft

4 years ago#3
Personally I would have to go with Sesame Street: Once upon a monster....
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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#4
I love Stacking... and this game too. My least favorite would be Costume Quest. It's short and linear, the battles are dull and the characters aren't interesting. I haven't played Once Upon A Monster... but I've had more fun with Kinect Party than Costume Quest.

User Info: IlluminatusCU

4 years ago#5
DF's worst game is Middle Manager of Justice.
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User Info: PurpleRocker

4 years ago#6
Brutal Legend is their worst game.
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