Goblin deck will be, hands down, the strongest deck in this game.

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  3. Goblin deck will be, hands down, the strongest deck in this game.

User Info: megamaster125

5 years ago#31
I don't forsee any of these 10 decks becoming "the strongest in the game." The decks as a whole seem pretty well balanced. Obviously, certain decks will have advantages over others, but then those decks are beaten by different decks still. Hopefully, that continues when the DLC decks come.

As for this goblin deck (and this goes for Ordic's deck too), I can see Lilliana's deck and Chandra's deck having advantages over goblins. They have lots of sweeper spells, which is always a problem for aggro decks like these. I can see the lifegain deck giving this deck some issues as well, since that deck does pack a couple Day of Judgments, and the lifegain can prolong the duel to the late-game.

I do forsee goblins and soldiers being really good online right now, since everyone is gitty about having a mill deck, and the two aggro decks pretty much rip the mill deck apart.
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User Info: Strakadh_OF

5 years ago#32
Fire deck is rage inducing when your playing Goblins. Ive tried it 3 times and I was getting burnt and swept before I could even get 3 creatures out.

Honestly I think Goblin is one of the easiest to play against.

Whats important? Build up numbers of weak cards that rely on certain cards abilities that are also usually weak. What do you do?Kill weak cards.
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User Info: MondayNightY2J

5 years ago#33
I slammed through online today up to 3rd on the leaderboard with Goblins. The Green Yeva deck seems to be the most popular and it doesn't really do anything until turn 4. I've also seen a lot of players who are afraid to attack once they do stabilize letting me burn them out.

The deck's insane, I had the nut draw against exalted's nut draw (turn 1-turn 4 exalted guy every turn) and it wasn't even close. A lot of fairly obvious misplays by my opponent's today though =/
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User Info: Sikarios

5 years ago#34
MondayNight, care to share your decklist with us? :-) Or share any interesting inclusions/exclusions you have made for your deck?
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User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#35
yes share the deck

User Info: CMT1328

5 years ago#36
MondayNight and I shared our (almost identical) deckilists a page back. We're both near the top of the leaderboards.

User Info: undeadems

5 years ago#37
@ Takuru and Strak i posted a link to my trimmed black deck in the ranking the decks post. Haven't had much of a problem with any deck since i made it
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User Info: MondayNightY2J

5 years ago#38
Yeah, I moved the decklist above to this:

-2 Raging Goblin
-1 Blisterstick
+2 Smelt
+1 Roughrider

I think the difference between our lists are Squee/Relentless Assault vs. Roughrider/Fireslinger. I've been thinking about cutting both and going back to the Raging Goblins though, idk. Smelt has still never done a thing for me.

A lot of opponent's played incredibly bad against this deck though. It's not as overpowered as I originally thought but being aggressive has been good enough to get players to be afraid to attack when they can outrace you. People don't attack enough.. very few attack too much if that's your style, Goblins is going to be really ahrd to play. However, there's a very large amount of play in this deck and it certainly rewards players who can play aggro really well with tight wins.
I'm the Helen Keller of sexual stuff... no wait, that's a bad example.

User Info: CMT1328

5 years ago#39
I've actually gone with fireslinger/squee now. Squee's a powerful card even without cards designed specifically to abuse him. You can sac him, you can chump him, and he can attack, all without losing card advantage. He's been alright for me so far. And fireslinger fits the curve and can punch damage through in a clogged board.

As for the original topic, I've already said it, but I'll say it again: Goblins is insane but requires a good pilot. Right now there is inefficiency in the metagame because there is not enough good Goblins pilots. Until that evens out, I will continue to exploit this inefficiency and remain in the top 5 for 1 on 1.

User Info: recycledhuman

5 years ago#40
Ii just picked up 2013 yesterday and finished the campaign on planeswalker with Chandra's deck. I would be very interested to see how Chandra stacks up vs. goblins. As someone already mentioned it has several sweep cards that I'd wager wrecks early game rushes.

I'll likely have to play the goblin deck for my next deck to unlock. The speed and synergy just seem too good.
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  3. Goblin deck will be, hands down, the strongest deck in this game.

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