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What deck to use to beat the double trouble encounter

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  3. What deck to use to beat the double trouble encounter

User Info: Deyoxy

5 years ago#1
I keep getting overwhelmed by how quickly it becomes unstoppable. The closest I got was milling it out with Jace's deck. Would have won next turn. Any suggestions?

User Info: infinitexx

5 years ago#2
Mill works.
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
5 years ago#3
Make sure you have bounce...
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

5 years ago#4
I beat it with Pack Instinct, although you kinda have to get lucky with some early creatures and Prey Upon.

Mill would probably be better, like the others said.
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User Info: KaRnaGe101

5 years ago#5
A good hand with the black deck beats it pretty easily
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User Info: Ashburn

5 years ago#6
I beat it with the red burn deck.
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5 years ago#7
Most decks can beat it with a good starting hand though mill has the best odds.
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User Info: ShogaNinja

5 years ago#8
The Goblin Deck, standard, no customization. I was able to beat it with my second try. It came down to one final round and I had been busting him up with goblins pretty well in the beginning and he was going to kill me next round while he had 1 (!) hit point left. I pulled the Goblin Arsonist card which does 1 pt to any creature or player when it dies and because I had a card that gave me haste I was able to attack with him and get him killed real good and then the damage was done. It was a catch 22 for the computer because if I attacked and he let it through to prevent the one damage, he'd have died. If he blocked me, the 1 damage went through and he died. WIN!!!

In only took me dozens of tries to figure this one out and after some online research someone suggested that the Goblin deck would "roflstomp" the Double Trouble encounter and they were 100% right. JEEBUS! I tried everything else, I swear.

User Info: BS_Infinite

5 years ago#9
I beat it with blue I don't remember which blue though

User Info: final_lap

5 years ago#10
Goblins deck has a card named Arms Dealer, so that's one easy way
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  2. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
  3. What deck to use to beat the double trouble encounter

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