what are the rules on "sacrifice a creature"?

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  3. what are the rules on "sacrifice a creature"?

User Info: Lazyboyoverload

5 years ago#1
Is it an un interruptible???

The game portrays it as such

... like Goblin Grenade for example. they cast it, part of the cost is to sacrifice a goblin.

If I have a Terror or something, I can't use it to kill the goblin, and fizzle the spell....

I thought the last game (2012) would let you.

any thoughts on this, I couldn't find anything, even with Googles help.

User Info: NemoYT

5 years ago#2
Nope. You can't react to sacrifice.

Furthermore, it happens as part of the cost for playing the spell. You can't Beast Within a land when someone taps it and expect him to not be able to cast his spell, either. So even if you could react, you'd waste your card.
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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

5 years ago#3
Don't quote me on this but I believe that what happens is you cast Goblin Grenade, it goes on the stack. You then pick a creature to sac and that goes on the stack. Terror comes out, goes on the stack and resolves, killing the creature that was played. However, because the sac was already on the stack, goblin grenade resolves and deals its damage. Not sure if that is right but that is what I imagine
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
5 years ago#5
Sacrificing a Goblin is part of Goblin Grenade's casting cost. Which means Goblin Grenade doesn't go into the stack until AFTER the Goblin is sacrificed.
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User Info: Dujas

5 years ago#6
What happens with Goblin Grenade is that it has an additional cost. In addition to 1 red mana, you must sacrifice a goblin. The cost is paid when the spell is played, so by the time you could respond to Goblin Grenade, the goblin is already dead.

User Info: Wstonefi

5 years ago#7
Correct. Costs always happen first, before the spell is put on the stack. Most of the time, costs are just mana, but they can also include other things like tapping creatures to activate abilities, or in the case of Goblin Grenade, sacrificing a creature.

Since the sacrifice is part of the cost, you can't interrupt it with a kill spell.

User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#8
is there any creature ability in MTG that can avoid or counter this sacrifice?

User Info: U2205

5 years ago#9
The fact that Goblin Grenade involve sacrifice isn't the point. As has been said, it's an additional cost. Costs are not on the stack, and as such they cannot be responded to, countered, or interacted with in any way. Spells and abilities can be countered. Costs can not. You can counterspell Innocent Blood, for example.

User Info: Relient_K

5 years ago#10
Another example of a sacrifice effect is the B Braids legendary creature (a card that can be very fun to play and very annoying to play against).

It reads (paraphrasing) that at the beginning of each players upkeep, they must sacrifice a land, creature, or artifact. You cannot bounce something in response to it being targeted for sacrifice. Mainly this is because you do not target something when sacrificing it (you can choose something with shroud as your sacrifice, for example). It just happens without using the stack. Braids triggers normally, but the sacrifice is more along the lines of an upkeep cost for it being in play than an action based on the stack.
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