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User Info: _Fhiend_

5 years ago#1
That thing is lethal. Keeps killing its hosts too fast. Any hints?

User Info: Slicer16

5 years ago#2
Upgrade the one that makes it take longer to develop lethal symptoms. This should be one of the first things you do to help in long run. After that it is a game of spreading the weapon quickly (I normally start off in China) and using the other two weapon upgrades at the right timing (can't really say what the timing is just have to do trail and error). Once the world is infected unleash the annihilation gene on them and profit :). Annihilation gene is unlocked after upgrading the 3 different bio-weapon traits.

User Info: jayhawk88

5 years ago#3
The problem I keep having is the damn cure, develops way too fast. I keep trying to sink points into Transmission to get it spread quickly, then don't have enough to lengthen the cure time.

Should you invest in anything in transmission, and if so what?
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User Info: Slicer16

5 years ago#4
Transmission is your best friend. The faster you infect everyone the better. The only symptoms you should invest in in bio-weapon is coughing + sneezing cause it will not trigger cure research. I like putting points into at least the first stage of all transmission and in the hot, cold, drug resistances. Would say bio-weapon is the hardest of all especially on brutal. Took me about 5 - 6 tries the main thing is balancing the spending of your points into transmitting the weapon and controlling its lethality so that they dont start researching for a cure to early.

User Info: LooxGS

5 years ago#5
Drug Resistance 2 is particularly useful here, as well as nanovirus.

When it comes to transmission, you should of course use your 1st point on the ability to slow lethal symptoms, as mentioned above.
Other than that, I'd get air 1 water 1 then drug 1. Forget blood, warm, and cold and get air 2, drug 2, then water 2, and finally the air/water combo, which turns all the boats/planes red. You can add drug reshuffle 1 now, too, while its cheaper.

the reason drug 2 is important is three-fold:
It infects the richest countries faster
1. it's imperative to shut them down first so the majority of the worlds money research isn't used. better to have Madagascar throw all it's money at the cure instead of Japan!
2. These countries usually also have way more humans so DNA points will accumulate much faster as they get infected. Drug 2 gets you these DNA points early on, when you need them. And finally,
3. Drug 2 costs less than it seems. it takes you to reshuffle 1 without the need to get hardening 1, which saves you 15 points. Drug 2 costs 24-27 DNA; subtract those 15 points for Hardening, which you don't need yet as drug 2 increases DNA fast as well as takes you straight to Reshuffle, which is better!

And keep the basics in mind:
First, I disagree about sneezing. Unlike coughing, sneezing triggers the research for the cure. So devolve it before closing the notification box.

Second, you need to infect rich countries sooner rather than later & most of them are in the cold. Starting in China, russia, etc.. can work, but to kill 2 birds with 1 stone,
I begin in Greenland to get it out of the way, it also imbues the plague with cold resistance feom day 1. From there it usually heads to Iceland, the UK, scandanavia, france, germany, Canada, USA and Russia... Drug 2 infects them very fast, netting about 150 DNA points in the 1st 10 minutes (though with only 54 thousand humans in greenland, the first few minutes are spent getting an infected onto a boat).
Once you have more DNA to spend after doing what i said above, put one or two in warm to speed up infection down south by australia and the caribean, and Blood for Africa.

Meanwhile, keep devolving new symptoms. the air/water combo will turn most boats/planes red & ensure all countries get infected quickly. Adding warm and blood just ensures they become fully infected faster.

Third, when it's time to unleash death, mind symptoms that slow the cure... not just the obvious ones like insanity, paralysis, and coma. There are cheaper AND better symptoms to slow the cure. For example, insomnia & anaemea cost 7 DNA points total while coma & insanity are 24 & 28 AND they dont max out the yellow severity bar! What they *do* do is create the "walking dead" combo that puts insomnia's inherent reduction in productivity on steroids, making economies collapse & scientists work very, very slow- For the Rest of the game! I'll take that bargain anyday over coma's 1 time cure reduction by 2-3 percent & Insanity's 3-4 percent.

Fourth, once everyone is infected, And I mean everyone: sell *all* transmission vectors (air, water, etc...) and heat & cold resistance: you don't need them anymore.

Then if needed slow the cure with reshuffle 2 & 3, then Harden 1 & 2.

If you must, you can sell all symptoms that:
1. Are not lethal (like coughing & sneezing)
2. Don't slow the cure (insomnia/anaemea combo, coma, etc...)

BUT Don't sell any traits that are the last link to a trait you intend to use later. For example, if you have fever and want necrosis, you can sell rash, coughing, & sneezing, but not fever, for example. Fever is all u need to keep the path to necrosis open, not the whole chain. Use caution if you do this.

Bonus! Devolving transmission symptoms you longer need (cause everyone is infected) also reduces the yellow severity bar, slowing the cure.

Hope that helps!

User Info: jayhawk88

5 years ago#6
"I begin in Greenland to get it out of the way, it also imbues the plague with cold resistance feom day 1."

Is this true? It certainly doesn't physically grant you the Cold 1 trait for you get a hidden bonus to heat or cold depending on location?
Didn't you know? Marvel's Hell is really DC Comics. - Entertainer13

User Info: LooxGS

5 years ago#7
Yes. If you notice when you select a cold country to start in, you will see a message saying "your new virus is accustomed to the cold ( or something like that), but is weak..."

It doesnt give you cold 1, but you dont need it... Although it does make the heat abilities more expensive.

The opposite is true if as well if you start in a hot country

User Info: LooxGS

5 years ago#8
Better yet, forget a lot of what I said... It's still valid as it relates to increasing infection and minimizing lethality. And to the extent you can, keep the basic strategy I posted above in mind when it comes to devolving symptoms. The difference being don't worry about evolving any symptoms that don't slow the cure.
Instead it is much easier to place a new focus on the special abilities of bio-weapon... For they combine when maxed out to open up a new special ability called Annihilation (or something like that)... Just like air 2 and water 2 combine to create BioAerosol.

I refer you to hansxyz's post in the thread entitled "bioweapon on brutal"...

Basically the mass extinction goes like this...

1. Infect everybody, and this time I really do mean healthy people left.
2. Slow the cure as needed, devolve symptoms, and never evolve any.. They're unnecessary.
3. purchase Unlock Annihilate Gene for about 21 DNA points.
4. Everyone dies in a minute.

How? update the two upper bio abilities quickly... They are very cheap to upgrade and keep lethality in the negative for a loooong time. then, whenever people start dying (keep ur eye on the data at the bottom of the screen)... Evolve the bio ability that resets lethality (it's the one at the bottom). Do this whenever you see people start to die...

As you do this, you will max the Reset special ability at level 3, with the other two special abilities maxed to level 3 as well, they will meet in the middle of the screen and unlock a 4th special ability called Annihilate. This kills all infected humans in less than a minute (real time, not game time)... No need for organ failure or anything like that.

Also Organ Failure costs 25 points, plus another 50 to get to it. Meanwhile, Annihilate costs only 21 DNA points or so, and the other special abilities are dirt cheap... Most cost less than 10 points, one is 1 point another 2, 3, 4... You get the idea. They're extremely you need them anyway. Just be sure to max all three out even if you don't need Reset 3... It's worth it to unlock annihilation.

No joke... Once you evolve Annihilation, BOOM, all infected humans die. Which is why u need to be sure to see the "no uninfected humans remaining" popup notification before you activate it.

Much easier end-game than the one in my strat... It also leaves you with all those DNA points that would otherwise be spent on symptoms to be used instead on transmission and DNA resistance/hardening/reshuffle.

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