Damien Sandow and AJ Lee the only wrestlers marked as DLC?

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User Info: LeavingInnuendo

5 years ago#1
So looking at the revealed roster on the THQ site, I noticed that Damien Sandow and AJ Lee are the only wrestlers marked as DLC. Considering that last year we had 15 DLC wrestlers (all revealed during the roster reveal), do you think we're just getting boned on DLC this year? Or did they simply decide not to reveal the full list of downloadable characters this time?

User Info: Tipposi

5 years ago#2
I like to think that THQ are saving a couple of surprises for DLC. Maybe Drew Mac, Tensai, Seth Rollins, Steve Williams, Bart Gunn, Niedhart, Batista, Cesaro and a couple of others

User Info: ICEman Morgs

ICEman Morgs
5 years ago#3
Cory has already confirmed that full DLC details are yet to be revealed.
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User Info: morning_red

5 years ago#4
Thought DDP was suppose to be first day DLC or something.

User Info: casedawgz

5 years ago#5
Wonder if we'll get Regal. His WHC reign in my Universe in 12 was something I really wanted to relive.

User Info: Milemarker

5 years ago#6
I don't think they ever announce all the DLC this early do they?

I'm guessing we will get a current roster pack of 7-8 guys(AJ being one since it looks like no Divas pack) and then a legends pack with 7-8 guys.

User Info: wwinterj25

5 years ago#7
Milemarker posted...
I don't think they ever announce all the DLC this early do they?

As far as I know like the OP said it's normally during the roster reveal but I guess they are spreading it out a bit more this year.

I think we will get 3 DLC packs. Two attitude era stars and two current stars. Just a guess here but:

Pack one:
AJ Lee
Damien Sandow
Kurt Angle
Mankind alt attire(Brown).

Pack 2(Diva)
Some divas that are not in (sorry I don't follow current Divas much)
Some more alts.

Pack 3
Val Venis
Some more alts.
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User Info: WingedRegent

5 years ago#8
By my recollection, they didn't reveal any of the DLC guys at the roster reveal aside from Jerry Lawler + The Rock last year. They revealed the first pack of DLC (HBK, Attitude Era E&C, Alts for the Road Warriors, Jim Ross, and MIchael Cole) on their website a few weeks before release. The second DLC pack (The Divas Pack) wasn't unveiled until much later (Post-launch), but some of their contents were leaked, and the final pack (Legends Pack + Brodus Clay) were all leaked over time starting pre-release.
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

5 years ago#9
its safe to say we'll get at least 3 DLCs again, I bet either damien or AJ comes free witn Online axxess just like chris masters before and i forget who else. if these 2 are the first ones announced, that i'm almost betting BOTH of them will be free and be available day 1. I just hope RAW GM AJ Lee is just a subtitle and that she's playable and not some kind of NPC like theyve done in the past.

We shall see. I am damn excited for this game as it seems to be the WWE games I;ve been waiting for... But if there's no 2v2v2 (triple threat tag) matches then I'm gonna lose my mind. Biggest match type in the attitude era... it just CANT be left out, not when these games can already have 6 people in the ring at once.
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User Info: TragedyAnn

5 years ago#10
The DLC wasn't announced during the roster reveal last year. Only one character was: Lawler... because he was hosting and revealed himself. Just like Sandow dropped his own name this year.

I assume they announced AJ right away too because she's so prominently featured, that people would have cried foul if she weren't in.

The rest of the DLC for '12 was revealed weeks (possibly months?) later. As was Brock.

They did however reveal the first DLC pack for '11 at its roster reveal. (Not all DLC however, just the first pack.)

But yeah, with the exception of Lawler, '12's DLC was announced later. OP is wrong.

And '13's presumably will be too. If I'm not mistaken, Ledesma already confirmed it.
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