Now What Do Everybody want?

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User Info: futureicon23

5 years ago#11
Totally forgot 2 others:

- Andre the Giant
- Yokozuna

User Info: Raven_Cyarm

5 years ago#12
UKXboxuser posted...
Yeah but Al Snow ain't in the Hall of Fame, yet Mike Tyson is (dunno why? A boxer in w wrestling HOF? Eh?)

Except he's in the celebrity wing, not the wrestling side... and he brought a **** tonne of exposure to the WWF in the 90's when he came in.

More than Al Snow has ever done.

User Info: TheJahManCometh

5 years ago#13
Only things about Al Snow that I remember was his idiotic entrance theme and that he mentored Maven.

But he did wrestle some badass hardcore matches back then. And I think Mike Tyson is a stupid addition to this game.
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User Info: jacinto34

5 years ago#14
futureicon23 posted...
Totally forgot 2 others:

- Andre the Giant
- Yokozuna

They really weren't Attitude Era wrestlers.
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User Info: Viking_Funeral

5 years ago#15
Al Snow was the man. From his jobber days as Avatar and Leif Cassidy in the new Rockers to his epic ECW run Main Eventing PPVs against Shane Douglas for the World Heavyweight Championship to helping bring Hardcore to the WWF upon his arrival there, the dude has always been nothing short of entertaining. In WWE he was a multiple time Hardcore Champion, European Champion, Tag Team Champion, and had memorable feuds with Hardcore Holly, William Regal, Big Bossman, The Rock, Mick Foley, and more.

I don't expect Snow to make it in due to his affiliation with TNA, but he will indeed be created / downloaded to fill out my Attitude era

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User Info: WarGreymon77

5 years ago#16
Remember how Head was a hidden character in WWF Attitude?

"I am so big and moosculah!"

User Info: enterthemadrox

5 years ago#17
yokoyushin posted...
Now what would the attitude era be without Al Snow?

His impact in WWF was about the same as his impact was in ECW.


It's like saying "hey, we have an ECW game, we should have the Steiners, Scott Hall and Psycho Sid in the game" despite the fact all four of them only had one or two matches in that promotion.
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User Info: BillyFnWilson

5 years ago#18
Tyson is a selling point, it's not a matter of his contributions to the sport. It's only a money-making deal to get people to pre-order and to sell later as DLC.

People aren't going to look at the roster, see Al Snow, and think "Whoooooa!" in their best Keanu-voice. However, some are going to notice Tyson as pre-order only and it will be the slight nudge they needed to make the decision to pre-order.

It's not much more complicated than that.
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User Info: crazy_gamerguy

5 years ago#19
Chris Benoit is impossible but at least the WWE is admitting he exists again...

I'd like to see Al Snow I remember his days as the European Champion where he would represent a different country every time he defended.

Other wrestlers I'd like to see

Big Bossman
Steve Blackman
Billy Gun
Road Dogg
The four faces of Foley (Mick Foley, Mankind,Cactus Jack and Dude love)
The Godfather and his girls

Ah for the days of the attitude era where my biggest worry was whether or not The Rock had the championship or not...
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User Info: SoF-Rambo

5 years ago#20
crazy_gamerguy posted...
Chris Benoit is impossible but at least the WWE is admitting he exists again...

I lol'd when listed the Triple Threat at WM20 a singles match between HHH and Shawn Michaels. Way to forget who won...
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