Additude era for 13

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User Info: Carribean_Cool

5 years ago#11

You obviously don't know TC's gimmick.

Go play your hulk hogan game for achievements
Snitsky's Condoms. If she get's pregnant, it's not your fault.

User Info: MikeyMcWonglett

5 years ago#12
UKXboxuser posted...
SiIverrocky posted...
I was seeing that the new additude era was begin with wwe 13. my question for you is this? Will batista be in for the additude eras in 13? i would like for that to be yes with dragon trunks and wished for bald head but not from additude era.

What is your thought on this added in?

TC = Fail.

It's Attitude, not Additude.

UKXboxuser/All of your other stupid names = Fail...

You are still a giant tool!!
I give up on humanity.

User Info: garcia_jx

5 years ago#13
It is hard to grasp what you are asking, if you are even asking a question. English is not your native language. Is it? Peut-etre est French? Ala mejor es espanol? Je ne sais pas.

User Info: Silver Bearings

Silver Bearings
5 years ago#14
Take notes, tmacbooking, this is a proper Batista topic.
The public has spoken! I am NOT a legend.
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