Damn I hope this guy is in WWE 14

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User Info: dankanefan

5 years ago#21
Glover33448 posted...
That was one video of a guy doing a lot of flip type moves.

I imagine WWE would let him keep the standing shooting star press and corkscrew variant. I loved the rebound DDT. The standing reverse frankensteiner would probably be OK too just not the top rope one.

Honestly I'm just excited to see them getting more athletic guys. I watched NXT for the first time this week and was mostly bored to tears. The first two matches were tons of bad kick/punch b.s. and one or two actual moves. The final match was a bit better but I expected more from Cassius Ohno based off his RoH work.

WWE will NEVER be on the level of ROH when it comes to exciting in-ring action. This is why I watch WWE for production value, entertainment value, music, characters, outfits, etc. all the elements of wrestling aside from the actual in-ring work. ROH is where in-ring work shines with TNA being somewhere in the middle of the two.
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User Info: Glover33448

5 years ago#22
There is actually a series of videos of him having a match with AJ Styles. It starts much more grounded than that video. I haven't had time to see the whole thing but good work in it.

I know WWE doesn't approach RoH for in-ring displays. I was more meaning that I expected more of Cassius Ohno based off what he did in RoH even if he isn't allowed to work the RoH style. He may just need time. Overall NXT left me pretty underwhelmed.
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User Info: I4NRulez

5 years ago#23
He wont be able to do half of his moves.

look at evan bourne and sin cara
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User Info: Arin_Apokolips

5 years ago#24
That video was truly epic.
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User Info: BrownGotti

5 years ago#25
Wow, I've never heard of this guy but that was an amazing video. I can see WWE limiting his on tv move-set but if he's in the game I'm sure Bryan Williams would add his indy moves, since he's done that for other superstars.

User Info: Pacman2dx

5 years ago#26
He's gonna be so watered down in the WWE.

You won't see any of those moves .. at least until a PPV like TLC where the 'ohhh and ahhhs' are necessary to keep the crowd buzzed.
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User Info: Janpei

5 years ago#27
ManiacMonkboon posted...
He's just a spot monkey like Jack Evans. Yes, he showed a couple of nice variants of two or three moves but can he actually perform a believable match?

You need to watch his more recent work. He's bulked up a lot and has gone to a more mat based style. The guy can work. Don't let this one video mistake you.
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  3. Damn I hope this guy is in WWE 14

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