Vacate titles in universe

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User Info: Trevd3

5 years ago#1
How do you do it?

User Info: CI254

5 years ago#2
You can't vacate active titles on a major show. In one of the menus that lists all the champions you just go to any of the inactive ones and it should let you hit square to Vacate it.

There must be a major champion for an active show though.
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User Info: CatKaiterra

5 years ago#3
Yeah that's bullhonkey. I was really honked off to find out about this, because the very first storyline the game went with for me was Kofi and Truth feuding while they held the tag titles. Why the honk does it have to be like this? Besides being able to edit the schedule, Universe has been exactly the same as last year so far. Same cutscenes, same tag team booking issues, same crappy interference, bleh.

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

5 years ago#4
Titles like the smoking belt(stone cold), Internet belt (zack Ryder), etc?

Those can be removed in universe and My WWE (if you want to play regular matches outside WWE Universe)
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