Odd Hell in a Cell glitch

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User Info: TheRob

4 years ago#1
Was playing a match as Kane vs. Cody Rhodes, I've already taken him to the top of the cell numerous times and destroyed both of the top panels putting Rhodes through the cell.

I went back up and this time tried Chokeslamming him through one of the openings, instead he hit an invisible panel and suddenly a new dented panel appeared under Cody where it was already broken.

So apparently the HIAC grew a panel back.
The People's Heel

User Info: ldyal09

4 years ago#2
I noticed that also doing Undertaker Vs Orton in Hell in a Cell, I did the RKO, he went down, climbed back up because I stayed up their taunting, so I kept doing RKO's trying to get the injury cut scene.
Xbox Live gamertag leo4life32486
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