Ever met any wrestlers?

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User Info: WeaponX1138

4 years ago#11
I met Mr Perfect, had a conversation with Crush and had a drink with Lita, which was pretty freaking awesome.
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User Info: steph o mac

steph o mac
4 years ago#12
I wrote Stephanie a fan letter when I was 15 or 16... so then she sent me an autographed picture of her as the Women's Champion. I was ecstatic... didn't meet her, but still.

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User Info: badron11

4 years ago#13
Goldust, aka Dustin Runnels. Met him while shopping in Newberry, FL at the Hitchcock's Foodway. He was wearing a Wrestlemania 25 hat, and I told him I was a fan and loved his style and everything. He said thanks brother, and checked out. He and ex wife Terri(Marlena) live in the North Central Florida area where I live. John Travolta lives around him.

User Info: TheKinslayer08

4 years ago#14
rob van dam, lacey von erich, velvet sky, angelina love, motorcity machineguns, jahy lethal, tommy dreamer, consequences creed, abyss, jeff hardy, jeff jarrett, rico, christopher daniels, odb, homicide, hernandez, rob terry, scott steiner, kanyon, devon, earl heber, mike tenay, hector guerrero, kharma, chelsea, taylor wilde, nasty boy brian knobs, kaz, roxy, sojournor bolt, brian kendrick, don west, tracy brooks, lance hoyt, billy gunn, dixie carter, james storm, bobby roode, magnus, johnny devine.

thats all i can remember.

edit: oh and when i worked at fye in tampa, i rang up and assisted edge, christian, jimmy hart, and chris jericho.
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User Info: Torvar72

4 years ago#15
I've meet Taker Jericho and RVD. RVD was great got his autograph at a snacking/ecw house show he sat outside signed tickets and talked also seen a guy get caned by sandman just to get just cane signed

User Info: Gmanfreak

4 years ago#16
Gmanfreak posted...
Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Randy Orton, and Lita. They were all really nice especially Eddie.

Also met Dixie Carter.

Chris Benoit during some K-Mart Promotional, Eddie at a restaurant in my hometown. He sat at the table next to me. He was with Vickie I should have added that but that was before she was ever recognized on tv. RVD at a Bar, Orton at an Event and we talked for 5 minutes. Good guy. And Lita my Personal Fave was at a local event and I was surprised to see her there. She was there with Family and Friends but she graciously chatted me up for a bit.
And I met Dixie at a Press event.
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User Info: Heavans_Shadow

4 years ago#17
about 15 years I saw X-Pac at the Mall of America. My sister didnt believe it was him til I showed her on the board that showed the pictures from the roller coaster. She asked if i was gonna go talk to him, I said no, because he was there as Sean Waltman, family man (there with wife/GF?, and a little girl), not X-pac who needs to entertain me. He must have heard, because when i glanced over my shoulder at him as i was leaving, he mouthed "thank you' with a grin and a wave.
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User Info: nabonix

4 years ago#18
Me and my wife met and got pics with the wwe sign guy. You the guy you always see in the front row at all the events, (at least used to see). I don't think that counts but I thought I'd this that in there.

User Info: BillyFnWilson

4 years ago#19
I met Gentleman Chris Adams just a few months before his untimely death, even getting his autograph. I also got to meet Earl Hebner at a TNA event recently, which was all kinds of satisfying.
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User Info: DarthPenguin111

4 years ago#20
Dolph Ziggler is an alumni at my high school, so met him once. Course we called him by his real name at the time (realized later that he was Dolph)
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