Ever met any wrestlers?

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User Info: berriesisdead

5 years ago#31
vegeta40 posted...
berriesisdead posted...
I met the Hardy Boys at a hockey game in WV of all places. I also met CM Punk after a Raw Supershow.

What was Punk like? I heard he's kind of a jerk.....

Truthfully he was the only one that gave the fans the time of day. There were a dozen wrestlers getting in their rentals or buses and he was the only one that came over and hung out and signed whatever anybody wanted. This was last Oct before he was champ so maybe he got a big head, don't know, he seemed pretty damn cool.

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

5 years ago#32
Had my picture taken with Cm Punk at a convention over the summer. He seemed lie a cool guy, but I only got to interact with him for about a minute.

My dad and brother met Bam Bam Bigelow and a few others while working at a Nathans in a local mall. They gave the wrestlers free food and got free autographs in return.

And I worked with a couple guys at Six Flags that did pyro for a wrestling event there years ago. They got to sit at a table and eat lunch with the Big Show.
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User Info: CollCrofter

5 years ago#33
No but I did get to clap Bret and Owens hand at the SECC, in Glasgow after an amazing match in 94. It was the Wrestlemania 10 revenge tour.

User Info: vekares

5 years ago#34
I met Xpac and Greg the hammer Valentine. It was recently and while Xpac was cool, The Hammer was a reslly rude jerk.

User Info: HUSoldier117

5 years ago#35
Met Greg the hammer sometime around when the WCW game came out for GameCube. Was at a local high school in Vermont. Cousin met And got Tommy Dreamer's autograph. He asked him " What do you think happened to ECW?" I guess he got up and said " Vince McMahon happened," walked off.
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User Info: benjiv1

5 years ago#36
I'll try to keep this in chronological order as much as I can:

-Edge X3 (Hell of a guy each time)
-Rhyno X2
-Shannon Moore
-Chuck Palumbo (pretty nice)
-Big Show (nice guy, put my buddy's gf on his shoulders)
-Christian X2
-Matt Hardy X2 (he was a dick the first time, hammered the second time)

-AJ Styles (very brief, but very polite)
-Chris Sabin (see above)
-Jeff Hardy (see above)
-Bobby Roode (not sure if he was trying to be in character, but came off as very arrogant)
-Petey Williams (pretty much the opposite of Roode)
-Sabu (he had hurt his back in the match, but came by ringside afterwards, so it was very brief)

-Kevin Steen (went to the bar with him afterwards in Montreal)
-El Generico (At leat I think it was him...)
-Bryan Danielson
-Nigel McGuinnes
-Jimmy Jacobs
-Austin Aries (soooo Awesome! He photo bombed our pic with Danielson and Steen)

-R Truth
-Kofi Kingston
-The Miz (pretty nice considering he was pretty much in character)
-Daniel Bryan (right before he got released)
-David Otunga
-Matt Striker

-John Cena X2 (both brief, but the second time he refused to speak to anyone or sign anything, not that I asked)
-CM Punk X2 (fantastic both times)

User Info: CTLM

5 years ago#37
I didn't meet any, but my dad got to meet King Kong Bundy, George "The animal" Steele, and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka along with a few others. He was at a fundraiser/convention and they were doing autographs to raise money

My dad said he knew King Kong was big, but up close he was truly a mountain of a man (6'4 and over 350 at the time). He said everyone was great, but was sad he didn't get to me Macho Man since he had cancelled his appearence

User Info: wooodaddy

5 years ago#38
mid/late 80's... met the Steiner Bros and chatted with them for around 15 minutes after a show about being from and living in Michigan. Sting and Flair before a house show.. they were in a big feud together and showed up in the same limo.. "kayfabe" lol.. met Booby Eaton at a mini carnival in Huntsville,Al. He was with his kids, I was 14 at the time.. 90's met Hulk Hogan,Randy Savage,Ed Leslie(Beefcake/Disciple) and Big Show after Thunder one night.. they were in a limo asking some of us where good strip clubs were.. Savage was crazy cool, The Giant and Leslie were very cool.. Hogan was ok, just wanting to leave as the other guys were talking with us.. also met Scotty Riggs backstage at a house show in Huntsville. He was pretty nice and like to joke around.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#39
didnt meet him, but at a show in the 80s my friends dad threw a full beer right at jim the anvil.
it basically exploded everywhere, people were shocked but he just kept doing his entrance like nothing happened.
it's simple. just be nice.

User Info: Lynchology101

5 years ago#40
The Bushwackers here in the U.K they were doing a tour in the early 00's with some british company that do theatre's and town halls and whatnot. They were at one of my friends houses, pair of crazy b*stards :D never a dull moment though!
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