Ever met any wrestlers?

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User Info: ThePWBPoster

5 years ago#41
Kevin Nash and Louie Spicolli...met them both at a house show once. Good times...
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User Info: XY12Burnz

5 years ago#42
Jason the Terrible

User Info: riffraff80

5 years ago#43
I met Paul Wight right after he signed with WW(F). He was signing his headshot at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa on Long Island. He was such a nice guy.

Speaking of nice guys, I met Mick Foley on many occasions. I first met him when he was signing his book, "Have a Nice Day" in NYC. He would also hang out at the sports/video game-themed restaurant I worked at (think Dave and Buster's) called Jillian's. He'd order chicken wings and watch football. I also saw him do stand up, and talked to him afterwards. I love Mick.

I've seen Austin in NYC. Back when he was promoting Expendables. He's a really cool dude. Very engaging and friendly. Just don't be too familiar with him, and he's really mellow.

I met DDP, Kevin Nash, Vader, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler on separate occasions at conventions. All of them are really cool. Maybe Nash was a bit of a jerk, but I didn't mind.

User Info: invertedlegdrop

5 years ago#44
The only big time wrestler i met was Ted Debiase, the million dollar man. He gave a speech at my college. Very classy guy.
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User Info: Pyroserge

5 years ago#45
Mick Foley. Was doing autographs at an auto show. Nice guy. No one else though. WWE hardly comes to utah.
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User Info: MoltenMan

5 years ago#46
I've only ever met Roddy Piper. He was at a horror convention in Indianapolis. Got to talk to him for a few minutes and get a picture and autograph. Really nice and humble guy.
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User Info: Jorif

5 years ago#47
I actually stayed at the same hotel as some. I was on a school trip to NYC in 03 during the Evolution run, and we heard that Ric Flair was in the lobby so a lot of us went down (we were all 13-14 years old so a lot of the boys were wrestling fans).

Didn't get to meet them, but Flair & Batista kinda waived and acknowledged everybody as they were leaving for the airport (Newark, the hotel was the Marriott).

Other than that, I have some friends of the family who run a small company, New Era Wrestling, in Shelbyville, Indiana. Damian Cole is a really cool guy, he runs the place and wrestles. Really solid local wrestling company. Check'em out on Youtube.
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User Info: eviltom17

5 years ago#48
When I was younger, I met Triple H and Chyna together at a local event they were doing before a RAW Show. I'll have to see if I can find the pic I have with them...

User Info: lv54spacemonkey

5 years ago#49
I've met Stacey Kiebler, Test and Rob Van Dam. Got Stacey and RVDs autographs on my Wrestlemania 20 dvd. Seen Mickie James too.
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From afar (as in 20 ft. away) - Booker T, Chris Benoit, Mark Henry, Brian Kendrick, and some others I forgot (I was in the hospital before going to the event.)

From up close - Torrie Wilson, CM Punk, Hardcore Holly, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Hardy

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