THQ says it's our fault for the no-2-counts glitch

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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#31
Stop playing on Easy

User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#32
I get 2 counts i my game. Weird.
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skaski posted...
thekosmicfool part 2 posted...
Actually, there is sufficient evidence to conclude that Yukes is one of the lazier companies in the business.

my mistake; thanks for clarifying.

No problem; glad to help.

Anyway, it wasn't always the case. Seems like Yukes used to try a lot harder on these games. But they've been phoning it in for years. Like the CAW attire glitch that resets your moves. Ridiculous that it persists to this day. But it comes from pasting a couple of new features and an updated roster on top of the same glitchy game year after year.
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User Info: samantha_sneez

4 years ago#34
skaski posted...
i only ever get a 1-count too. but i got over it.

also i like when aubrey wrote,
"But again: We understand that some of our most vocal fans don't like it, and we're looking at ways to correct it. Since I can't snap my fingers and magically change each of your games to be exactly what you'd like it to be, that's the best I can offer right now."

that's rational.

I agree, but this Aubrey guy seems like a real douche.
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User Info: Sage_Of_Lint

4 years ago#35
I get a bunch of dramatic two counts
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User Info: Sed

4 years ago#36
Oh yea, someone should tell them it's also our fault they're going out of business.

So if they want a snowballs chance in hell of surviving they should get their crap together and actually acknowledge/fix issues.
NegiBozu203 posted...
Facts don't mean **** to me.

User Info: Super Vejita

Super Vejita
4 years ago#37
lv54spacemonkey posted...
From: garcia_jx | #021
It should be that if they have no damage, they kick out at one. If they have moderate damage, they kick out at two.

That's pretty much how it is but they go from Light to Critical really quickly. When in Attitude Era mode you'll see this in any match with a damage tracker.

Yeah. That's how I always thought of it. It's not a glitch but a damage issue. Either you don't have enough damage for a 2 count or you have too much damage.

That being said, I have seen it before. So I don't consider it a glitch. Just more of an oversight.
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User Info: manta53

4 years ago#38
Yeah Ive also had plenty of 2 counts
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User Info: Trevd3

4 years ago#39
I've had this game since day one and have played it daily. ALOT. I have not encountered 1 again I say not 1 two count. It does take away from some late match dramatics. If the AI doesn't kick out at 1 I know I have wOn the match.

User Info: jasten

4 years ago#40
I've had plenty of dramatic 2 counts... so it's obviously not a universal problem.
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