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User Info: DoubLeAEnForcer

5 years ago#1
Hello all, I would like to share with everyone my tips on what I did to get my Universe up and running.This topic has probably been beaten to death, but this is for anybody who still needs help. I started it today and already it was off an running.

Brands: #1 - RAW ( CURRENT ERA)
#3 - RAW IS WAR (Attitude Era)
With the brands I suggest using brand exclusive titles, to keep other wrestlers from appearing on other shows. Only do that if you want to keep each brand separate.

Shows: Monday - RAW Super Show,
Wednesday - RAW IS WAR

PPVS: January -Royal Rumble (Raw and SmackDown)
February - One Night Only (RAW is War's WrestleMania)
March - Wrestlemania (Raw and SmackDown)
April - Judgement Day (Raw Is War's Elmimination Chamber)
May - Elimination Chamber (Raw and SmackDown)
June - King of the Ring (Raw is War's SummerSlam and KOTR tourney)
July - Money In The Bank (Raw and Smackdown)
August - SummerSlam (Raw and SmackDown)
September - Badd Blood (Raw is WAR's Hell in a Cell)
October - Unforgiven (Raw is War's Survivor Series)
November - Survivor Series (Raw and Smackdown)
December - Over the Edge (Raw is War's Royal Rumble)

My playstyle is I play through every match, I only change stuff like managers, tag matches, etc. Only change whatever should BE CHANGED. Leave stuff like #1 contender's matches the same, title matches, etc. To supplement Universe pushing the guy you want, book him yourself in matches that dont interfere with what they booked you and sooner or later they will put him in those #1 contender's matches.

Brand exclusivity is the trick I would say, because in my 4th match on RAW, it was Kofi Kingston vs Rey. Rey comes out like normal, then Kofi's music hits and then all of a sudden BROCK LESNAR'S music hit and walks out carrying Kofi by his head all beat UP LMAO...They cut to Rey standing in the Ring looking scared. Cut to live action, I picked Brock, now Brock is standing outside, Rey does a black flip, Brock reverses and Rey moves, by this point my momentum bar was almost filled. I hit Brocks sig outside. Throw rey in the ring F5 and good night.

The main event was Jericho vs John Cena, but before the match Starts, CM Punk comes out to scout the match.

So ok, they weren't big cut scenes, but it worked for me on my first week. You dont have to follow my formula completely, use whatever works for you. You could do RAW, SD, and ECW. OR RAW, SD, and WCW. Whatever you want.

User Info: NarutoLord

5 years ago#2
This is how I run my universe. I have a Monday night Raw with a mostly mirrored Raw roster, an AE roster using most of the AE stars, and a Smackdown Friday show with most of the traditional Smackdown roster. Some moving around was done to Raw/Smackdown to balance out the Divas and put people like Kane and Daniel Bryan on the same show. Raw and Smackdown share the Diva and Tag titles but have different main and minor titles. Raw is War has its own set of 4 titles. Right now I run 2 PPVs a month; a Raw/Smackdown and a Raw is War. I like how you interchange the shows. Perhaps I could do that while maintaining my two PPVs a month.
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User Info: XLegendKillerX

5 years ago#3
i like this
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User Info: DoubLeAEnForcer

5 years ago#4
Thanks, my plan is to let this formula run a few months and if nothing spectacular is going on, I will do just two brands. Raw would be current RAW & SD guys and SmackDown would be the Attitude Era guys
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