money in the bank in universe mode

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User Info: gabexxx

4 years ago#1
in the first yr i had to edit myself into the match this yr i want the game to want to include me. how can i make that happen?

User Info: mellowkid82

4 years ago#2
When you say "in the first year" do you mean in "WWE '12? If so, in WWE '13 you don't have to hope that you are included in the MITB match. Just hit RB, select "Just Change Participants" and put yourself into the match. When you win you will be Mr. MITB and you'll be able to cash in on your respective brand's Major Title.
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User Info: DeathX2270

4 years ago#3
make a 2nd brand with CaWs, create a ppv for said brand and set the type of ppv to MitB, you will still get the achieve, it worked for wrestlemania achieve for me
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User Info: gabexxx

4 years ago#4
first yr of universe mode on wwe13 and yes i put myself in the MITB match the first time this time i don't want to edit myself in so i figured in the ppv before money in the bank i should lose and lose the next week untle money in the bank. do u think that would work?

User Info: Dark_twisted

4 years ago#5
The computer usually picks top contenders for mitb.
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