Who's your favourite superstar to use on DLC Pack 2?

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User Info: timilayas99

5 years ago#1
My top 3: 1. Ministry Undertaker 2. Ryback 3. Tensai. What are yours?

User Info: Jiruru

5 years ago#2
AJ Lee is already #1 on my most played superstars list. Take that, Stone Cold.
"It felt like the music was aimed right at me... like a missile!"
Kinda disappointed in how few of the new moves are Pin Combo. Like, they give the Curtain Call pin combo love, but not the Baldo Bomb? Still, Tensai's fun.
gfaqs9...Never forget. Never forget.

User Info: casedawgz

5 years ago#4
Natalya. Favorite diva by a mile.

User Info: mellowkid82

5 years ago#5
AJ, Natalya, and Ryback
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User Info: DoubLeAEnForcer

5 years ago#6
RY-BERG errr I mean Ryback

User Info: Juggalo_Jackass

5 years ago#7
Iiiiiiii'm a drunken whore

User Info: PepsiWithCoke

5 years ago#8
From: DoubLeAEnForcer | Posted: 12/4/2012 6:33:53 PM | #006
RY-BERG errr I mean Ryback
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User Info: Minion3

5 years ago#9
Strangely... Tensai.
Beings that are born of dreams must return to them...
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User Info: DoubleJ9

5 years ago#10
Yoshi and Tensai but I tend to always start as Yoshi so I guess him.
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