Who's your favourite superstar to use on DLC Pack 2?

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User Info: CI254

4 years ago#21
Ministry Taker. Go figure the free one gets the most use.
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User Info: MaskedM4n

4 years ago#22
Drew, Tensai and Ministry Taker
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User Info: ___bunny___

4 years ago#23
Sacrament4 posted...
No one, it's just a jobber pack. lol at people who paid for this.

Everything was free for me. >_>
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User Info: dan12con

4 years ago#24
I made up the new team of TenTatsu. Their gear matches and everything!
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User Info: RyanCE

4 years ago#25
Tensai and Yoshi Tatsu.

User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#26
Taker. This pack is probably the worst of the three.

I like Taker's new Punch Combos I'll probably incorporate them into some of my CAWs.
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User Info: jack80808

4 years ago#27
No love for Drew?
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User Info: mrjoe_94

4 years ago#28
I guess I was not the only one intending to do a Tensai-Yoshi team, lol. Honestly it's probably Tensai, all his new moves are awesome, especially the choke bomb and the Down+X strike (has a long Japanese name)
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