Do you have more than 2 Major shows?

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User Info: XLegendKillerX

4 years ago#1
and if so how did you divide them whats the name of your shows and how'd you manage the PPVs since you can only have 2 to a PPV
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User Info: MrZone

4 years ago#2
I took it back to 98, to the tee. WWF, WCW, ECW. Well over 100 wrestlers between 3 shows, and all major PPVs.

User Info: RobRoy316

4 years ago#3
I have the regular Raw and regular Smackdown, then I have Thursday Smackdown which is the old ring with the fist.

My roster has my CAWs and most of the attitude era stars, with the exception of the ones that are too like their counter parts. For example, I have Triple H on Raw and Hunter Hearst on Thursday Smackdown, as well as Kane on Friday Smackdown and attitude Kane on Thursday smackdown, because theyre almost totally different people... But I only use the attitude Undertaker because attitude and current are too alike (once I get the dlc I might use current and ministry...)

To have mixed matches, I put the main title from Raw on thursday smackdown, and the minor title from Friday smackdown on thursday smackdown. The rosters mesh VERY well. Then I just have my own tag team division (which works well because there are a lot of attitude tag teams) and my own womens division (I took trish and used lita in both divisions... and I have one other. Thinking about downloading a created chyna too)

As for the PPVs, its easy to edit them every year and switch out the rosters for every other one ((I always have thursday smackdown on every one, and then I can switch raw and friday smackdown every other PPV)) or I just edit the matches myself to what match I want to see.

Then on Saturday, I have a minor show which I also always have my Thursdays stars on and switch the other rosters out once in awhile too.
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User Info: wcwwolf

4 years ago#4
I have Raw is War for late 90s wrestlers, regardless of company

Custom House Show arena for superheroes and other videogame characters

Smackdown for modern wrestlers

So glad for the Taker DLC, now I have an Undertaker on all 3 brands.

For PPV, I usually set the brands of the PPV the week before once I see who I want to have in title matches
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User Info: jacinto34

4 years ago#5
6 major shows

Raw - Attitude Era
WWE - Current
Legends and Divas show

I alternate which shows have PPVS, 2 per month.

User Info: Madcapunlimited

4 years ago#6
Monday: No Mercy (Major-- My CAWs)
Wednesday: King Ring Wrestling (Major-- friend made CAWs)
Friday: Velocity (Major- real wrestlers)

I had ditched most of the real stuff, but after watching South Park's WTF episode I made a PPV called "Smackdown"
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User Info: BillyKidd

4 years ago#7
4 major
RAW- 30 superstars, 6 divas
SD!- 30 superstars, 6 divas
ECW- 36 superstars
Warzone- 38 superstars

every 3rd week warzone ppv
original ppvs
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User Info: Amidamaru_

4 years ago#8
Raw, Smackdown and Superstars on their normal days.
Added a "Raw is War Reruns" show on Saturdays.
Also planning out a Heroes show on Tuesdays, with only CAWs of superheroes and villains from the comics. Still looking for and downloading CAWs for that one though.

User Info: SILKA

4 years ago#9
5 Major Shows and 1 minor show.

First Half is Existing Shows.

Monday is of course MONDAY NIGHT RAW
Tuesday is RAW is WAR
I moved SmackDown to Wednesday Nights

Second Half is all CAW Shows.

Thursday is EX Wrestling Troupe, which contains all (Except for The Green Man) Original CAWs.
Friday is NXT, which I retooled as a crossover show between EX Wrestling Troupe and Video Game Alliance (or VGA for short).
Saturday is Video Game Alliance., a show that consist of mostly Video Game Characters. VGA only consist of 3 original CAWs which has a hand in it's creation. Professor McDrunk is an old man who built the Video Gamifier, Pencil Neck Geek who can up with the idea for VGA, and Ben E Factor (a play on benefactor) who is the GM and the person who funded the show.
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User Info: silverhawk213

4 years ago#10
Mondays - WCW Monday Nitro
Tuesday - RAW is War (Attitude Era)
Wednesday - RAW (Current WWE)
Thursday - Smackdown! (Attitude Era)
Friday - Smackdown (Current WWE)
Saturday ECW - (Original ECW)
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