Michael Cole: "There's the mist."

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User Info: maliktundoh

4 years ago#11
UltiMysterio posted...
Tensai's Finisher commentary is backwards for both the Choke Bomb and The Poison Claw. You do one they mention the other.

Nothing new in my Experience. Same thing with Lex Luger in SVR 11, Lex's Forearm they called torture rack, and vice versa. May be a DLC thing.
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User Info: G-Ziss

4 years ago#12
I find it annoying when the announcers call a reversal before it even happens. Sometimes, they do it with moves in general too.

User Info: SILKA

4 years ago#13
Well, it may not be DLC related, but several times the commentary said that I won by submission when I won by count out.
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User Info: kmdavis99999

4 years ago#14
I'll do Daniel Bryan's kick Signature and King says I lock in the submission.

User Info: Ogyaf

4 years ago#15
The one commentary line about a move that pisses me off the most is when you do Miz's Snap DDT Cole will start to say "He calls it..." before the move is hit and he is automatically overridden by either him or Lawler's "OH HE HIT HIS SIGNATURE!" statement. It annoys me because neither The Miz nor WWE has called the move anything, so I really want to hear that Cole claims the move is called!
Ogyaf once again proves why he is single handily the greatest person ever.
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User Info: DarknessGouki

4 years ago#16
Lawler: "Ken Shamrock....has a great....small package."

Wait...that was an older Smackdown game. My bad.
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User Info: Parad0x_Zer0

4 years ago#17
*one guy is using a submission the whole time on another guy*

Cole: What a reversal! Can he follow up? Great reversal! He saw that one coming! He dodges to the side!

King: Good reversal!
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User Info: Jiruru

4 years ago#18
For me, every single time a strong strike hits, Cole comments on how it missed.
"It felt like the music was aimed right at me... like a missile!"

User Info: Toad 004

Toad 004
4 years ago#19
From: Jiruru | #018
For me, every single time a strong strike hits, Cole comments on how it missed.

Yep, me too.

Also, every time someone jumps out of the ring to attack, Cole or King will always be wrong - if it connects they will say it missed, and they will claim a miss connected..
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