So when will we see the first WWE/2K game?

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#11
I say in the coming weeks or sometime in Feb more solid info regarding the state of WWE 14 rather it being cancled all together or 2K taking the time to make something new & unique will be revealed.

Only time will tell so patience is required like all good things the info will come if not now then around E3 maybe some additional info regarding the WWE Franchise current state from WWE 14 to the future of the Franchise will be revealed eventually.

Cant wait to read on what is plan will WWE 14 come this October or will they skip WWE 14 and 2K will instead make there own vision from the ground up.

Also since 2K now owns the WWE Franchise does this mean that the Cory guy over the WWE is now Fired.

People seem to complaign alot about him I know he is the producer or something over the WWE games.

Like I said soon all will be revealed on the state of WWE 14 and the future of the WWE Franchise.

Also the need to address the deal regarding the WWE 13 Servers and all the DLC in the game will the remain up or will 2K games pull them down.

User Info: Stacy

4 years ago#12
whatnow12012 posted...
Also since 2K now owns the WWE Franchise does this mean that the Cory guy over the WWE is now Fired.

Well I checked his twitter and the last thing he posted was:

Cory Ledesma ‏@RealCoryLedesma
I worked 13 years at THQ. What a ride. Best of luck to my fellow comrades.

So I'm guessing he's out.

User Info: Hak

4 years ago#13
Also Jade Empire was also 2K games.

Ummm.... no. Jade Empire was developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Game Studios.
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User Info: Cage2004

4 years ago#14
I have a feeling if Yukes knows this will be their last game they will severely half ass it...much more so than they did whenn they knew they had to sell us another game the very next year. IF Take Two decides to keep Yukes on as developer, I hope they put the hammer down on them to improve their quality.
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User Info: voiceofopinion

4 years ago#15
Who's to say what happens now.

I worked for a company called Nu-Vu Food Syestem Services in Menominee Michigan several years ago that makes or made ovens and cooling racks and such for Subway, The California Prison System and others.

The were in bankrupcy and funtioned on there own for awhile with the money they had left.

Then Middle Bee Marshall on the fortune 5 hundred came swooping in to the rescue to save the company.
made all thes bull crap promises and when all was said and done they laid off 98% of the company and then dumped it.

Whan I moved to Green Bay 3 years ago I ran into a guy i use to work with a NU-VU.

He said with what little they had left They were trying to keep going with a Skeleton crew and make the few things that still sold.

Tried to call there 2 years ago to find out about some paper work I needed from there and All I kept getting was an answering machine. Last I heard the place is a ghost town now.

The point is if they got the money and able to do things Independently for awhile,

Who Knows!

User Info: TheCSH

4 years ago#16
I thought Yukes confirmed that they're going to finish WWE 14 and then it's anyone's guess. Given that WWE 13 came out about 90 days ago (and who knows how long it was being worked on before the game went gold) 2KGames is likely going to go the safe route and release the Yukes WWE 14 but work on their own engine/etc in the meantime.

Let's say they drop Yukes after WWE 14 and choose to publish their own 2K15 for... let's say a Halloween release date (given when WWE 13 came out, it makes the math easier hehe). That's about 641 days from today. Now, the new consoles would be out by then (720/PS4 whatever they end up being called) and yes the Wii 1.5 as well. If they put together a development team and give them the time and resources they need we could end up seeing a damn good WWE game.

I mean look at this:

Don't worry they didn't forget WWE 13:

I like WWE 13 a lot... particularly Universe Mode. But enjoying the mode makes the glaring bugs that pop up that much worse. I built a CAW and after a month or so he was ranked #7. The AI booked me a match against Dude Love (#6). I won it by pinfall, checked the rankings and Dude Love was now #5 and I was now #8. I edited the rankings to fix it. The next week rolled around and it booked me against Dude Love again. I won it again, checked the ratings and the same damn thing happened. It moved him up a rank and me down a rank. 4 weeks in a ROW it did that to me.

We'll never get the full story on who's to blame for the glitches/oddities in the WWE games. Yukes will blame THQ and ex-THQ employees will blame Yukes. All we can hope for is that WWE 14 is a quality game.

To answer OP's question probably late 2014 on the new consoles.

User Info: mcmax3000

4 years ago#17
whatnow12012 posted...
the WWE games take about 6 to 8 months or so and THQ said that any game that was in production will not be effected by the transistion

Yeah, they said that when they were planning on selling the company whole to a new investor. Plans likely changed a little bit when they were forced to sell the company off in pieces, thus ceasing to exist.

The difference between the WWE series, and things like Saints Row, and Metro, is that THQ owned those development studios, so they sold the studios, along with those IPs.

THQ never owned Yukes. 2K certainly has the option to work out a deal with Yukes to continue developing the WWE games, but it is not some requirement as some people around here seem to want to believe.

Until something is officially announced, it is not even remotely confirmed that Yukes will ever develop another WWE game, or that there even will be a new WWE game in 2013.
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