I will never spend another penny on a WWE Product ever again

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User Info: manta53

4 years ago#41
Yokozuna was definetly an up and comer before winning the rumble all he did was squash jobbers and del rio was also definetly an up and comer when he won as well
I'm sorry Wendy but I just don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die.

User Info: kayfngee

4 years ago#42
RobRoy316 posted...
You know to be honest, Punk losing was a good thing. He has a chance to become a face again and finally start getting legit wins. Punk can be the best in the world and be arrogant all he wants, but if he is constantly winning matches in BS ways like he has been for the last like 5 months all due to the fact that the WWE wants him to seem like a bad guy, whats the point? how can you even respect that? granted, thats not CM Punks fault, when Orton was a bad guy, he got legit wins just by wrestling. But the wwe for whatever reason saw Punks heel turn differently. I want to see punk fight. I want to see punk entertain. If that means losing to the rock, so what. after wrestlemania we probably wont even see the rock again. ((Which sucks, dont get me wrong, im just saying))

I don't want CM Punk to be a face again. He is so much better as a heel imo.

User Info: ThePWBPoster

4 years ago#43
RobRoy316 posted...
LucicIsGod posted...
Whoa whoa whoa! I in no way endorse an NXT guy winning the Rumble. lol.

why not? Two months is enough time to develop a storyline and character to fit a high profile and NXT has Mcgillicutty, ohno, Langston, quite a few guys with the talent to win that kind of a storyline over. granted, with a legend like the rock looking to go out with a bang, it wouldn't be ideal at all, but I'm saying in the future. Some of those NXT guys have some legit talent. but you're right, the del Rio thing is a good example. I'm just throwing it out there, let's say punk beat rock. by some for of magic, Mcgillicutty wins the rumble (or insert favorite, if any, NXT wrestler here) works and works and works the crowd all while also working on their appearance and Ring skill, and come wrestlemania they are like a new person, in and out of the ring. Mcgillicutty goes on to defeat punk with punk being so arrogant he underestimates him... and its an amazing David v goliath victory. If he can manage to hold the attention of the audience, he has a decent title reign, otherwise there is no worry because there is a ppv later next month anyway

The only NXT guy getting alot of attention lately is Bo Dallas. Yet some of the internet community bash him, i'm all for NXT guys getting a big time shot but its more or less how other people look at it and how it is brought up. You can't just take somebody who still needs a little ring time to just get into Wrestlemania mode in little over two months after winning a rumble...but just is just my opinion.
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