This IS a game-breaking glitch isn't it?

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  3. This IS a game-breaking glitch isn't it?

User Info: zenandi

4 years ago#1
You know... Referee banishes the illegal partners... (which, c'mon, since WHEN do they do this in a tag match? )

Except the game screws up and one of the remaining guys are considered illegal anyway, which means....

... match is short of 1 'legal' partner. Match officially screwed.

If there's a workaround for this... I'd like to know... That's THREE TIMES now... -_-;

User Info: DarthVashti

4 years ago#2
The only workaround I have come up with is to press X and let Universe simulate the match off screen.

User Info: MGSFAN612

4 years ago#3

Sounds similar to in issue I had.

I had triple threat match set up

Sting vs Macho Man vs British Bulldog

before the match I got that cutscene that you sometimes have before one on one matches where someone drags one of the original participants out and faces the other original participant instead.

Well the cutscene had Sting drag Macho Man out which screwed things up because it was a still considered a triple threat match but macho man was not a part of it because as a result of the cutscene.

this resulted in the ref not counting for any pins because the bell never rang to start the match since all the participants never entered the ring(Macho Man) and the only way around it was to quit and simulate the match
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  3. This IS a game-breaking glitch isn't it?

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