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User Info: theMuccMan

4 years ago#1
I was going through a bunch of superstar threads last night making some different looks, and I noticed that certain guys have parts you can't change that really throws off any other attire. For example, you can't change the side stripes on CM Punk's gear. That's a huge disappointment for me, because I love to make a bunch of different Punk color combos. The other one I noticed is that you can't change the color of Hawk's gloves (Can't figure out why LOD even has gloves). Does anyone know a good way to work around this?

Also, does anyone have a formula for Kofi Kingston's Skelator attire?

User Info: pirajacinto

4 years ago#2
Unfornately some things they just choose to not give you the option of changing. Either they didn't had enough slots or something, it really is annoying.
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