how do i do a choke slam with kane?

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  3. how do i do a choke slam with kane?

User Info: oakview80

4 years ago#1

User Info: Princess_Cakey

4 years ago#2
I'm guessing here but I know with Undertaker its his "Directional Pad + Triangle" finisher

Which is kind of dumb, chokeslams should be signatures in the game, not finishers.
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User Info: Icehound2

4 years ago#3
Kane's chokeslam is just triangle once you have a Finisher stored. His directional finisher (hold L left or right + triangle) is the tombstone.

Reverse that order for the Undertaker - tombstone is regular, chokeslam is directional.
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User Info: MagicManGreg

4 years ago#4
Detest Kane's chokeslam, changed it last year and will be doing the same in this.
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  3. how do i do a choke slam with kane?

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