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What the! Free everything!

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User Info: Potatobacon

5 years ago#1
Am gonna be shipped over seas soon and have no time for the game so i am giving it all away. Already sold alot of it for money and feel i want to give back to the community!
Post your ign and why u should get the card and i will gift u a five star or 4 star ace. No lie no joke! I per person please

User Info: KittenLina

5 years ago#2
My IGN is KittenLina

I'd like something cool because I'm finding it very hard to get something; I traded R.O.B. stuff for my Vampire Matron and I got my Fast Leviathan on my first Special Hunting ticket, and outside of those I haven't gotten anything of real value; I haven't been able to do better than a B in Coliseums and that was only one time, it's very hard to beat people with a 1300 deck if they have something like a level 55 Angel at the end :(

If you decide to give me anything, I will appreciate it a lot!

Also, good luck where you're going!
Currently playing: Runescape, Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS), MW3 (PS3), Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita), TMNT 4: Turtles in Time (SNES), Super Smash Brothers Melee

User Info: NinjaSkillsSon

5 years ago#3
ign: mystizzy

because I'm new to the game and it will help me out greatly.

User Info: Potatobacon

5 years ago#4
Enjoy your almighty cool titan!

User Info: h1ryu

5 years ago#5
I'd like a 5* if you have one please, still haven't got a single one through hunting yet and I'm trying to crack the top 700. Thanks, IGN: Ultimecia
PSN - Cyber_Pup
XBL - FoilSlug

User Info: casmic234

5 years ago#6
my IGN is Drynn

I should be given something because I took part in both your auctions yesterday and got beat out at the last minute!

User Info: Potatobacon

5 years ago#7
Wait sent a sexy almight instead it is better

User Info: Dvrormt1984

5 years ago#8
IGN is Wane.

I do not have a 5* guardian in my deck after playing for 3 weeks.

User Info: Jebz11

5 years ago#9
IGN: Tokito pleaseee ive been wanting a 5* from you. but i never got a message back :(
(message deleted)
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