What the! Free everything!

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User Info: dasboot360

4 years ago#21
Ign vostok

I would like something ( especially a 5 star)
I just spent close to 100 dollars on hunts and didn't get a single 1 and about 4 4*
Also someone scammed me out of a fairy princess the other day :(

User Info: BlackStalkerX

4 years ago#22
Any 5* is good enough for me. Have been on a dry spell in the hunting for 5*.
Appreciate if that you can help.
GC IGN: B.Stallker

User Info: Habashi11344

4 years ago#23
Goood luck to you overseas!!

id like a 5* please

IGN: Jigs

User Info: casmic234

4 years ago#24
thanks potato!

User Info: ParaD0XVII

4 years ago#25
Getting shipped overseas? Are you stoked, or not really wanting to go? Ha. that's crazy.

I'm inquiring about your giveaway because I recently graduated from college and have not been able to find a job except at a warehouse (Amazon to be exact). I'm saving up to pay off my college debts as well as invest in a house to, hopefully, start a family. I don't have enough money to buy coins, or do special hunting tickets, but Guardian Cross is what I have that keeps me sane with my work-filled schedule.

No card necessary, but thanks for reading anyway. Good luck in your overseas endeavor.
Ign - ParaD0X
(zero, not an o)

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#26
I just wanted to post again to say thank you very much! I really appreciate it! And wow, this exploded fast o.o
Currently playing: Runescape, Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS), MW3 (PS3), Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita), TMNT 4: Turtles in Time (SNES), Super Smash Brothers Melee

User Info: makemecry005

4 years ago#27
IGN Kasuto005

I cannot win good things from colessium because o always get beaten and my rank goes down rapidly
GC IGN Kasuto005

User Info: Potatobacon

4 years ago#28
Still have 3 aces left and a surprise for whoever can be the awsomness.
Will be giving away ss tommarow since i have almost ran out of gift today

User Info: Killamity

4 years ago#29
Hey tricross!

Sad to hear you leaving, we had some good trades here and there and they were all pleasurable, hopefully it was for you as well! :)
If you have a dom,lightning lord, new 5* or any 5* i would really appreciate it!
If you do decide to come and play again will help you out in any way i can!

Guardian Cross : Menace
Kik : Killamity

User Info: Potatobacon

4 years ago#30
Sent one of my best 5 stars menace, enjoy!
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