Trading is very hard (Giveaway)

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User Info: crummy9

4 years ago#1
My previous thread was a give away in disguise. I was going to give the first person who commented that didn't have a 5* a gift. But seeing as there aren't very many participants (thx for posting Vorg) here's how it will work.

Post your experiences in getting your very first 5* on this thread. Out of all who posts, there will be chosen a winner to receive the card/item. I am not stating what the giveaway is simply because those who already have a decent deck wont care and those thirsting at least enough for a little boost will post.

Those who do not posses a 5* post your ATTEMPT at getting your first 5*.

These should be at least a paragraph long to be eligible.

User Info: crummy9

4 years ago#2
Giveaway ends in 5hrs.

User Info: NueroLich

4 years ago#3
First 5* i got was Bahamut, cost me 6 lvl55 4*s

User Info: Jonny9x

4 years ago#4
Seems fun, the funny thing I only got a rank 5 earlier this week. As you might have guess it had to be no other than gigamesh
A fast type so can't complain, it took me all the way to level 92 to acquire it, my friends has gathered 4 on the other hand starting a day later, clearly rank 5 are rare so I had to collect my favourite rank 4, then rebirth showed up and everything went bananas, how to rebuild a team again, sigh
Wasn't too excited with my rank 5 since it was a giant after killing 10 prior to that, lol, still looking forward to attaining my first rank 5 by chance

User Info: bonesx12

4 years ago#5
I'll give this a shot. I started playing the game in December and had a great time collecting and becoming competitive. My very first 5* was an INT S. Banshee. I worked incredibly hard to earn it. The competition was to collect an Ace slime of each type in order to obtain the Banshee. I spent a ton of tickets and ended up catching them all within 5 hours. I was incredibly fortunate to collect such a powerful card as my first 5*. However, my account was banned a few weeks ago and I'm starting over again really slowly on my Ipad. It's so hard to stay motivated and start over again. The only decent thing I own now is an Ace kraken. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: kappa201

4 years ago#6
My first 5* actually came from someone quitting and they were handing out their cards and I was a lucky one who got one. . It gave me a big boost of moral in the game since I wasn't able to get above a C in the coliseum with my team of 4\3* cards :).

User Info: Vorensberg43

4 years ago#7
I want to be exempt from winning any prizes, although I still want to post my story!

My first self caught 5* was a Sexy Juggernaut. You would not believe how happy I was when I got it. It wasn't until later that I realized what a Sexy Juggernaut was. No joke, this is the worst, worst, I say it again, WORST 5* in the game! There's no one who can refute this, so don't try. It has 1912 HP at level 60. You would have to near fully stone it in MP to get it to cast twice with both buff/debuff. At 2130 Agility don't even think for a second that it will even get a second attack off. At 1912 HP don't even think for a second that it will survive one attack!

I still to this day find this story humorous. Before I got all 5*s in my deck, I had Ace 4*s. 4 of the 5 Ace 4*s would be placed in front of the Juggernaut when I hit the "Recommended Team" button. The best day of my life you ask? When I traded that Juggernaut for a Chaotic Apsara. Bad type for Apsara, but this is no joke she had done something I have never seen the Juggernaut do (maybe he did it once) and that was kill two guardians before dying. To whoever that person was I made that trade to (I can't remember), I apologize.

Off topic. Was a month or two ago I was using up some SHT when the new Volcano 5*s came out. Low and behold what do I see on my screen? A Juggernaut!!! As the hunt ends and I'm flipping thru my collection, what do you think I'm saying to myself? Yes, "Please, don't a Sexy Juggernaut, Please". Well you know where this story is going, it was......! I've officially caught not 1, but 2 of the worst card in the game known as GC! I sold it to a new player who had 0-1 5* (can't remember) to his name for some SS. In my head, part of me is saying "Your doing a good deed here" The other part is saying "I WOULDN'T WISH THIS CARD ON MY ENEMY, LET ALONE A COMPLETE STRANGER!!!" It made their day, so in the end.

There's my story.
IGN: Vorensberg Level 125 KiK:Vorensberg43

User Info: Subzero91

4 years ago#8
When I first started and was able to reach the Volcano area, I wasn't aware at first of the Bahamut event. Later, I saw a big bird in the area, but I suck at targeting, so it took a long while. To add to that, the bird didn't appear often (apparently, it's a sign that it's Bahamut). When the event ended, I wasn't able to get it. What made this experience worse was that it barely had any HP yet. I didn't have anymore tickets or Friend Points. During the elemental fiends event, I could only reach the Volcano, so automatically no chance at Scarmiglione and Barbariccia. Never saw Cagnazzo or Rubicante either. The Golbez event at the desert... same, never saw him. You see, what brought me to this game was Final Fantasy, searching through Square's stuff around the time Theathrythm was released free on the app store. It was a big bummer not to get any of those guys. Complete bad luck. Now, with the Gilgamesh, I was actually able to get a 5* of my own with Gilgamesh after everyone's favorite, Bugbear. It's Cool, so it's not the best, but not the worst either. It's awesome in that it's someone from FF too! In spite of getting Gilgamesh, I have never caught even today any 5* through any Special Hunting Ticket and Normal Hunting Ticket (except Gilgamesh). I feel the Special Hunting Tickets I got from the catalogue, coli, and the ones costing 1500 were wasted (I mean, it takes like a month of saving up for one). I don't have any stories for trading for one since I can't really trade anything while leaving something decent I could use for colisseum. Never ranked high enough in coli to get stones since I previously preferred the SHT to ending Rank B. Well, that's that. I'm very thankful for getting Gilgamesh. Sadly, I can't use it yet since it's not easy to level up (feeders and GP). Still working on it.

User Info: D4rkShad0w

4 years ago#9
My first 5* was from the Invitation bonus. It seemed impossible to get even 2 people to play the game, let alone10 (or rather, I never bothered to try). Then, one day, I got fed up with all the other 4*/5* in the coliseum, and asked my friend to play. Turned out her family members also had iPhones/iPads, and she asked them for help as well. All in all, I kept asking around for friends to help, and eventually got enough people to earn me my Iron Maiden. :D

User Info: tbrown3012

4 years ago#10
First five star I got was a Fast Phoenix last night. Very lucky catch on a level 6 (my iPad character)
GC IGN: Arcael
PSN ID & 360 gamer tag: tbrown301
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