Delayed to August?

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User Info: fanofff6

5 years ago#1
I just noticed the official website says "coming this summer." Note that it doesn't say "coming July" as previously announced. Since a release date still hasn't been announced, a July release seems unlikely.

User Info: devotedislamfan

5 years ago#2
Don't mind ..i'll be free then!
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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

5 years ago#3
Hey I'm just glad we're getting it this soon.
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User Info: Thryhring

5 years ago#4
Hmm, might delay me playing it a bit then if that's the case, there's already quite a few things coming out in August I'm planning to pick up

User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#5
It says summer because the date hasn't been officially announced. The only place that says July is SE NA's product page. So it probably is July.
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User Info: badboy

5 years ago#6
Still saying July.

User Info: DissidiaKing

5 years ago#7
I think SE would release FF Dimensions on the same, or close to, day that Kingdom Hearts 3D DDD (Dream Drop Distance), Just a hunch.

User Info: FlyingMule

5 years ago#8
It appears to have missed today's update, so it is very likely it has been delayed without an announcement.

User Info: MasterChef1121

5 years ago#9
FlyingMule posted...
It appears to have missed today's update, so it is very likely it has been delayed without an announcement.

Well, technically it does have till Tuesday's update to get on the App store before that's true
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User Info: Blackbelt5610

5 years ago#10
I hope it shows up nex week. I really wanna play this game.
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