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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#21
Android will probably get a lazy port like FF1.

User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#22
^No it won't. Look a few posts up, the graphics are in widescreen. FF1 probably got a lazy port because it's so old. FFIII and the JP-exclusive Android games seem to be just fine.

Edit: Those screenshots actually make it look like the iOS version is the lazy port. The graphics look like they're in 16:9 being letterboxed on an iPhone screen.
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User Info: FalxXD

4 years ago#23
Really this is off Topic... But really, Android didn't get a lazy port of FF1...

It takes effort to remove content from a game entirely before releasing it on a new platform.

Droid has NO bonus content.

*continues to beat the dead horse*

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User Info: Kuniro

4 years ago#24
I have been watching the official Square Enix website curiously and I went over to the mobile rolly thing at the bottom of the page. Normally if the game isn't out yet, it'd show a preorder date or no information. Yet for Dimensions, it says "Available Now" and there's a green buy it now button under it.

When I click it though, it just takes me to the page. I am very curious if it was always like there on the official site, or...maybe it'll be out tomorrow on Thursday?
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User Info: JRPG

4 years ago#25
Yeah when the apple store updates it should be available :)
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User Info: Elozole

4 years ago#26
Android didn't get a lazy port. The black bars on the side are there for a reason. They have to force an aspect ratio so the images don't look distorted. This is because FF1 does not use 3D polygons. 3D polygons (like those used in FF3) can be stretched without ruining the image. FF1 is 2D therefore any stretching would make everything look slightly off.

As to the removed bonus content and the terrible DRM system, I can't defend that. But I'm tired of everyone complaining about the black bars.

User Info: x_loto

4 years ago#27
They have to force an aspect ratio so the images don't look distorted.

No, they don't. It isn't just being played on a different sized screen (like a DS game on the 3DS, for example), it was ported to another system. The black bars should be filled with graphics, not nothing.

That said, I don't care one way or the other since I don't have an Android, but this argument struck me as ill conceived.
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