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User Info: icyblue8

5 years ago#1
Did they seriously change the release date for this from July to Summer? This is pretty disappointing...
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User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#2
SE NA's site said July. The official site and all other sources just said summer.
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User Info: DissidiaKing

5 years ago#3
There is still like 19hours left in the day, if it doesnt come, well you've waited this long, right?

User Info: x_loto

5 years ago#4
Hey, there's no FFD yet, but Chaos Rings is on sale with deep price cuts on I and Omega; they're actually priced like normal apps for now. I'm going to check those out while I wait....
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User Info: devotedislamfan

5 years ago#5
Don't worry, we still got August, they're probably just fixing up last minute touches!
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