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User Info: Ippongi_Ryuta

4 years ago#11
My highest level character is Nacht, who's 98 at the moment. =V

Thanks for the list, TC!
Currently playing: Resident Evil 6, Torchlight II, Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Guild Wars 2, SMT: Persona 4 Golden

User Info: NasirJones

4 years ago#12
Just for an additional confirmation, I also have the same number of memories as the TC. 25/10/11.

User Info: Gothann

4 years ago#13
Hi ziraquis, thanks for the list. Mind if you could check your private messages? (It's in the top-right corner of the GameFAQs site). I have a private question for you that needs answering before I proceed with my idea.
Fair does not exist. Fair is a word from a world of happy fantasies.
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